Monday, March 24, 2014

Portland In Black 18

Noir Badarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him.

"No." Noir said it softly at first.

"Hmm?" Black Anna asked him, half-listening as she watched her undead dance to the jazz music. "What was that?" 

 "No." Noir replied. He gritted his teeth in frustration. "No, Anna. I think I can help you. But I won't join you. I can fix you-" 

Noir felt something cold splash onto him. Black ichor, like the kind Anna had used to animate the stoners before. It felt like dried ice, so cold it burned him. He didn't sense the spell, but it had to have been a spell. 

 "Too bad. I think I'll give you a chance to think it over again." Anna told him. 

 He blacked out, knocked unconscious by the magick Anna had dribbled onto him in a single drop of oily black. 

Noir woke up later to Black Anna's hideous laughter . Her undead prom were cheering. He gazed up, seeing nothing but the tattered and ragged pants and skirts of the dead. He was naked. He laid curled inside a dog kennel, lying on the floor of Black Anna's nightmarish prom. Closer to them, Noir could see the pale legs of undead women and men, all dressed in younger clothes, watching with their all-black eyes. They weren't looking at him however. 

 He felt exposed, lying naked there. Noir didn't have the strength to try and get out of the cage. He still was too weak. He didn't know how long he'd been unconscious this time. 

 "Look, he's awake!" One obese undead woman pointed out. Her purple dress was stained ruddy on the front. 

 Another undead, this time a girl much younger in appearance, wearing a yellow dress poked his cage. "Ooh! He looks scared!" 

 Noir heard Black Anna's voice. He couldn't see his captor. Just her minions. "Now girls, he looks just plain skinny to me, doesn't he?" 

 The woman in purple licked her lips. "Like a beanpole!"

"Poor thing!" The girl in the yellow dress chimed in. She showed Noir her rows of sharp, angular teeth. "He looks hungry!" "Anna- please-" Noir tried to conjure up some words. Something to try and get him out of this. It didn't matter the din and clamor of Anna's partying undead was too loud. The drowned out his words. "Feeding time!" The undead girl in yellow chanted. Soon the whole room took up the clamor, chanting it over and over. "Feeding time! Feeding time! Feeding time!" Noir felt bile from his stomach. They dragged someone in. He was screaming. Noir could sense his distress, wincing at the sight of the tuxedo wearing undead who dragged him into the room. His face had become a mess, puffy from bruises. Blood from cuts ran down one cheek. He wore purple scrubs. A hospital ID was clipped his chest. His hair, probably first in a ponytail, looked tangled. Purpled bruises covered what skin Noir could see on him. A nurse of some sort, Noir guessed. He couldn't see any shoes or socks on him. His feet looked bloody. "Well," Black Anna announced. "Take care of it, boys." The three undead looked the nurse down. They dove on top of him. "Please! Don't!" The nurse tried to scream, but a undead hand muffled him. "C'mon, no." Noir shivered. "No no no. I don't need to see this-" Blood and gore splattered onto him. Noir looked into the nurse's eyes as he died, his body ripped open. They were wide. Noir felt guilt course through him. Could he have stopped this? Had he told Anna yes, would he have stopped this? He didn't know for sure, but he still felt like it was his fault. "I'm sorry." Noir mouthed to the nurse. He couldn't see it, Noir knew. He was already dead. The three undead had ripped open his rib cage, releasing the dead man's entrails and innards. Each of them grabbed handfuls of guts and gore. The then took their macabre implements and walked toward Noir's kennel. Noir tried to vomit. Instead, he dry heaved as the three undead juggled the dead man's organs above him. Blood, bile and bits of gore splattered onto the kennel. "C'mon, now!" Noir heard Black Anna cheering at him from her dais, out of his view. "Eat up! Be a good boy and lick it all up!" Undead cheered and clapped. Music played. Noir could already hear the ghost of the nurse in his ear. Begging for a answer. Begging him for help. Noir sobbed.