Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Portland In Black 16

Noir Bedarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him. 

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Noir woke up from the darkness again.

"We may need to give him some sort of transfusion."  A voice explained, her tone sounding more like groveling and begging than explanation.  "He is going to keep blacking out if he doesn't replenish the blood he lost.  But I think his thumb will-"

"That's enough."  Anna cut off.  "He's waking back up!  Everyone give him space!"

Noir blinked his heavy eyelids.  Each muscle in his body felt like solid bricks, but at least he could feel able to move them.  He wasn't paralyzed as bad as before.  But Noir could tell he shouldn't try anything in his current state.  His body screamed to go to sleep.

He ignored it.  He wasn't going to show any sign of further weakness to Anna.  So far, Noir felt certain that she wasn't one-hundred percent sane.

A cold hand patted his forehead.  He looked up to see Black Anna standing over him, studying his face closely.  Another undead, this one wearing a bloody lab coat over a red dress, studied him with a stare Noir could only attribute to a Doctor.

"Please... space..."

Black Anna shrugged.  "I have plenty of space."

Noir looked around him.  They weren't in that room they'd been in before.  No, now she'd moved him into a scene from a Tim Burton movie, but heavy on the Stephen King and Tarantino.  Blood, rust and a veritable small horde of corpses.  All dressed in decaying states of high school prom attire, despite a fair chunk of them looking like their bodies had died either older or younger than the prerequisite sixteen that Anna seemed to have died at.

The undead all shared a look with Anna.  Razor sharp teeth.  Pitch black eyes devoid of true life.  Cold hungry faces.

"Well, c'mon.  Don't stare!"  Anna clapped her hands.  "What is my name?"

"Black Anna!"  The undead gangle screamed back at her.  "Anna her heart so black!  Black! Anna!"

"And what do I want?"  Anna screamed back.

A rotten band of musicians struck up a jazz beat.  Noir blinked, uncertain of the music's age.  It sounded... like something from a different era.

Black Anna shrugged.  She then sat down, her seat a old black leather lazy boy on the top of a stage.  It was a old school gymnasium, Black Anna's dais the stage.  Old and dusty curtains of all kinds hung, the theme of black or red carrying in most of them.  Noir laid on a brown stained cot next to her.  Part of him realized that disentangling himself from the cot and trying to make any sort of escape could also end with him face planting himself off the stage.  He's get out about four or five seconds before probably hurting himself more.

He looked around.  Craning and moving his neck made his head only hurt more, nauseating him a little.  The undead had taken up to dancing to the music Black Anna had ordered up, deciding to mill about instead of staring in his direction.  An improvement of one sort or another.

Noir scanned the rest of the stage.  He noted a cage on the other side of Anna's armchair throne.  Someone laid in the cage.  An old woman.  Noir blinked.  She looked horrible, her legs and body flopped down on the bottom of the cage like a rag doll.

"Oh.  You noticed our other live guest?"  Anna asked him.

"Uh..."  Noir was uncertain of how to carry a conversation with an undead monster such as this.  He hadn't created her.  He didn't understand the first thing about the dark magicks keeping Black Anna or her minions alive.  And of course, he didn't have energy to spare for that kind of spell anyway.  "Um... so, I'm kinda on the young side of the bracket you aim for?"

Black Anna gazed over at the old woman in the cage.  "Say hello to the nice boy Eliza."

The old woman lifted her head.  It looked malformed, like years of bruises, beatings and blood had turned it into a misshapen wreck.

"Hello."  Eliza croaked.  "Its... such a nice dance... isn't it?"

Noir blinked.  Black Anna giggled.

"Don't mind her."  Black Anna explained.  "She's used to having all the boys' attention.  Why, we were only sixteen weren't we, that night weren't we, Eliza?"

Eliza gave a sad nod.  "I'm sorry Anna.  So sorry.  I deserve this."

Anna nodded solemnly.  "Yes, you do.  Everyday, ever since 1923.  I intend to never forget."

Noir stared at Anna.  "You've... imprisoned her since she was sixteen?!"

"Oh death walker, you are so silly."  Anna giggled.  She walked over to his cot from her throne.  She patted his hair.  "You don't understand yet.  Things are... well, there is a reason for all the things you know.  And there are things you never ever will know."

Noir tried to suppress the shudder.  He didn't want to see what pissing Black Anna looked like.  So far, she seemed to be treating him more like a prize pet rather than a threat.  For now, anyway.

"First of all, Eliza's deserves her cage."  Black Anna pointed at the dance floor. "Just like how those two very nice boys gave you to me, and I gave them what they deserved.  Immortality.  Everyone should get what they deserve.

"People, I think, don't work hard enough to correction the little injustices like that.  Some people deserve to suffer if they are bad, especially those who get away with it.  Eliza got away with it, didn't you Eliza?  Didn't I fix that?"

Eliza nodded.  "I should... never had killed... you.  I'm sorry."

Black Anna giggle.  She whirled a bit of Noir's hair over a finger.  Noir felt her cold fingers.  It felt like a bit of his own life  energies drain away at Black Anna's touch.  Just a bit, like a arctic wind biting at his heart.

"Despite all that Noir..." Black Anna smiled wistfully.  "I can give you a lot here.  You have considered it haven't you?  Think about it, joining me.  There is so much we can share with one another."

Black Anna gave him a cute look.  Noir could see the sixteen-year old girl peeking out at him.  A part of him died inside when he thought she reminded him of Elle.  Noir fought down the bile that tried to erupt out of him.