Sunday, March 16, 2014

Portland In Black 15

Noir Bedarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him. 

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The teen-aged monster- Noir was certain that she had to be a monster of some kind, based on the aura he felt off her- approached the couch where the stoners' corpses laid.  She sat between their dead bodies, talking softly to them.  Noir felt goosebumps rise over his skin as he watched her, his paralyzed body locked into seeing what she did next.

Anna bit down on her the thumb on her left hand.  There was a crunch, then black ichor spurted out from the wound.  Not blood, but a black ichor.  She poured black ichor into her right hand, cupping to collect the black ichor.  The ichor hissed, as if alive on its own.

Noir guessed it to be her own personal ectoplasm, something that flowed through her body instead of actual blood.  A single, long dark worm formed from the black ichor.  Anna pursed her lips at the ichor.

"Little one, go.  Bring my children back to me."  The words she said got a reaction from the worm.  It split into two, then each worm crawled.  Each had a stream of steaming black ichor follow it.

Each worm slid up each stoner's body.  Thick slime flowed after them, black ichor pouring into each stoner's mouths.

Noir's eyes widened as he watched.

Both corpses jerked up from the couch.  They fell onto their sides.  Their faces scrunched up in dark pain.

"Its alright, mother's here."  Anna told them.  Both corpses opened their eyes, dark ichor bleeding from each of them.  "Shh.  Don't talk yet."

Both corpses nodded obediently.  Anna smiled.

"Deathwalker?  You like my new children?"

Noir's words came out in a stammer.  He tried to keep the disgust from pouring out his throat.  She didn't ask.  She just took from the dead.  Used them to make these... things.

"N-no.  What-what do you think-k you are doing?!"

Anna turned her head.  "I'm helping them.  No one wants to be dead, silly."

"You d-didn't-"

"Ask?"  Anna shook her head.  "Death walker, you should hear yourself!  Such silly talk!  Why should I have to ask to help my children?"

"It's- wr-rong."  Noir shuttered, his mouth felt sore trying to talk with her.  The muscles felt dry, inelastic.

Anna chuckled.  "Aww.  You've done the same.  We both are parents to the living dead aren't we?"

"Wh- what are you-u talking about-t?!"

Anna gave him a condescending look.  Her all black eyes seemed to absorb him.  "You birth the dead.  I've met your children.  At least I tend to mine rather than let them grow feral like Vickie had."

Noir sucked in a breath.  She knew about Vickie.  What else could she know?

"So irresponsible!  They need guidance you know."  Anna continued.  She then smiled, her shark-like teeth glittering in the light of the room.  Noir pondered about how she sounded so normal with such horrific looking teeth.  Her face turned into a blend of bubbly emotion and raw predatory psychosis.  Noir wished he could hide.  "Forget all about that!  Its been so long since I had a boy here!"

She giggled.

"P-please... d-don't-"

"Don't what?"  Anna sat up on the couch.  She gave him a wink.  "Watch Deathwalker, maybe you'll see something you like?"

Gary and Larry stood up.  Black ichor dripped from their mouths.  Noir couldn't sense any life coming from them.  His necrokinetic senses just felt cold.  Like touching ice.

Anna clapped her hands excitedly.  The sight of the two fresh undead seemed to make her barrel over with delight.  "Yes yes yes!"

Both undead nodded their heads in a automatic fashion.  "We serve and we live."

"Truly?"  Anna put her head on her hands.  "This what you wanted?"

Both bobbed their heads up and down obediently.  Gary fell on his knees, bowing down before Anna.  "No more pain.  Its all gone.  We... don't suffer anymore.  Thank you."

"Is our gift... worthy?"  Larry asked.

Noir stared.  The two stoners had been the bait.  That's how they knew anything at all about Noir or anything.  The two of them had lured him there.  Planted their images into Ellie's memory on purpose, to make him come to them.

Anna turned back to Noir.  "See?  Learned so much from watching me, haven't you?"

Noir tried to rise again.  He tried to get up, to get out of here.  This had to be some sort of nightmare.  He struggled up to his feet, fighting off as much of the paralysis as he could.

Noir tumbled onto his face.

Before he blacked out again, he heard Anna's voice sing.  "Twinkle, twinkle, little star.  How I wonder what you are.  How I wonder what you are." 

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