Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Portland In Black 13

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Maybe because the guy was stoned.  Or maybe the house wasn't his to begin with either.  The front had been left open.  The chatter and laughter could be heard coming from inside.

A young guy laughed at it.  Then Noir recognized the smoke coming from inside.

"Ah.  Well, I could use the hit I guess."  Noir muttered to himself, recognizing the familiar hash smell.  He took a bit in.

Jesha frowned.  "What did you say?  I didn't hear you."

Noir shrugged.  "Nevermind.  Let me do the talking."

Noir walked in through the front door, knocking on its peeling white paint.  "Anybody home?"

"Wha...?"  One voice sounded half asleep.

"Hey- Uh-" Another stammered.

Noir walked into the room with his arms up.  He pulled out a small ziploc bag.  He waved it out.  "Got a light guys?"

The room looked unkempt, humid from the rainy air outside.  The two young men he'd seen from Ellie's memory stared blankly at him.  Both wore stocking caps.  Their shirts were stained.  The television kept going as they exchanged looks.  Their eyes were bloodshot, as both of them looked and smelled stoned to Noir.  That wouldn't hurt or anything, Noir surmised.

"Dude.  You can't come in here."

"Larry, man... what the hell?"

Noir rolled his eyes.  "Riiight.  I'm here.  You both awake enough now?"

The two of them exchanged looks again.  "Dude, Gary, he can't be in here, man.  This is your place, isn't it?"

Jesha sighed and walked in.  "Really.  We are just doing the home invasion thing now?"

"Guys, I need to talk to you, you know.  Its about last night."

"Can you leave us, dude?"  The flabbier, black-haired Gary asked, he pointed at the doorway behind Noir.

"Uh-huh."  Noir pointed to his swollen thumb.  "Guys, I need help, and I'm in pain.  I want to smoke some weed.  I want to talk to you about last night."


Jesha growled.  Both of the stoners paused.  Eyes widened.

"Last night.  Tell.  Us.  What.  Happened."  Jesha asked, each answer curt.

"Uh... I don't..." Larry glanced over at Gary.

"We can't do that, dudes."  Gary shook his head.  "Just leave us alone, ok?"

Noir cocked an eyebrow.  "Someone died last night after you guys had a food run last night.  Remember the girl at the register?"

Gary shook his head.  "Dude, don't.  Just... don't.  Its smarter that way."

"If you are in the know, dude, don't go screwing around with it."  Larry waved a hand.  "Fuck, we do cannibis, drink some brews and sit on asses here because we don't want anybody to think we know a damn thing."

"What if I wasn't?"  Noir asked.

"Larry, don't go blabbing."  Gary told his friend.  "If its the veil, they'll leave."

"It isn't the veil."  Jesha told them.  "Something attacked last night."

"Uh..."  Larry looked at Gary.

"A thing did."  Gary replied.  "We don't want the trouble, you know?"

"Trouble from who?"  Noir asked.  "The Wolf?  You scared of the killer?  You see him?"

Larry shuddered.  "Ain't no wolf we saw, dude.  No fucking way."

"Who..."  Jesha paused.  "She isn't involved is she?"

Noir looked at Jesha.  "She?"

Larry nodded.  Gary sighed.

"That good enough for you?"

Jesha growled.  "Not really.  I'd like details."

Gary shook his head.  "No way.  You don't understand-"

"Please guys.  Help us find the Wolf guy.  He needs to be stopped."  Noir tried his best to sound sincere.

Gary gave him a stiff glare.  "Dude.  You aren't listening.  There wasn't any Wolf last night.  C'mon.  If you aren't blinded by the Veil- Dude.  It involves her."

"Her who?"

"Gah!" Then Noir felt his left leg give out.  A flash of pain hit him.  He hit the floor, something ringing in his ears.  Gunshots echoed in his ears. "Fuck!"

Noir had landed on his broken thumb.  More pain flashed up him.

He heard crashes from above him.  Jesha, in her wolf form, crashed into the wall.  Gunmen continued to fire into the house.

The necromancer looked around.  Both Gary and Larry laid on their couch, frozen still.  Rain, blood and marijuana smoke drifted from them.  Noir cringed.

They didn't deserve that.