Thursday, March 6, 2014

Portland In Black 11

Pardon the delay.  Last couple of days having been kicking my ass in RL, between work and other priorities.  Still, I have a update for Portland in Black...

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Noir opened his eyes, purple energy alight.  A purple mist formed in front of them in the rain, twisting and shaping into a translucent form.

The Hunter Geist's body was a translucent pale green, its ectoplasm smelling of pine needles and blood.  Ectoplasm dripped from its jaws, pooling underneath its head.  Its head had a canine snout, six or seven antlers and horns jutting out of its brows.  The Geist floated in front of them, but it was two or three times Noir's size, its belly hanging from under it.  Tiny rodent- and rabbit-shapes scurried inside its belly, their frightened eyes staring at Jesha and Noir as they tried to find a way out.

Both of the Geist's eyes were just burning purple flames.  They had a hunger to them.  Like flames eager to slake their thirst for blood and gore.

Jesha squeezed Noir's hand tight, her eyes wide.  Something about the Geist had alarmed her.

But Noir didn't focus on that.  Instead, he screamed in pain, falling to the ground and clutching his hand where Jesha had gripped him.

"Noir?"  Jesha pointed at his hand.  "Its swollen pretty bad- I should've noticed that before."

Noir gazed at his thumb, which didn't resemble a thumb any more.  Most of the flesh and skin around it had swollen, having turned purple and looking more akin to a misshapen, rotten piece of fruit than a appendage.  

"Ow." Noir mustered, his first thought after casting the summoning gone.

"You called for me?"  The Hunter Geist asked.  Its voice rumbled, bestial in its tone.  Something primeval about it, like the sound of a savage hunter from a forgotten age.  "Deathcaller?"

"Ow.  One second..."  Noir got up from the ground.  He tried not to look weak in front of the Hunter Geist.  He didn't want to look that much like prey to him.  He focused for a moment, then held out a handful of purple fire.  "Here.  Find these two."

"A memory?"  The Geist sniffed.  It looked disappointed.

"You are The Hunter," Noir replied.  "You fear no storm, no human, no beast or demon.  A memory should be far more than enough for one great as you."

"Because of the favor I owe, then yes.  Deathcaller, follow me.  Lest thy injury make you..." The Geist paused, a hungry growl bubbling from his snout.  "...tired?"

"Don't worry about him."  Jesha inserted.  "We'll be fine."

The Hunter Geist gave Jesha a cursory sniff.  Then it nodded.  It seemed to have made a decision about her.  "Good.  A fellow predator."

Then the Geist ran, leaving a trail of purple fire behind it.  Purple fire crackled where it met rain.  Sparks flew as fire died down.  It didn't take long for them to lose track of the Geist.

"Well handled."  Noir told Jesha.

She ignored him, instead looking at his hand.  "We need to get you to a hospital, your thumb is broken I think, Noir."

"I'll be fine."

"Riiight."  Jesha shook her head.  "I guess I'd say the same thing.  Makes me want you more."

"How many times are you going to not take no for answer?"  Noir replied.

"I don't believe your reason for it."  Jesha gestured at his hand.  "Can we at least get something cold to put on that?"

Noir started to follow the trail of fire.  "C'mon, don't want to lose the trail.  We can worry about that wherever we wind up."

Jesha grunted and followed after him.

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