Sunday, March 2, 2014

Portland In Black 10

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Prom Dress dropped Noir's legs.  Noir looked up to watch her bolt.  Prom Dress leapt through a broken window.  Jesha got up to follow, but her form had grown too large to easily follow.  Instead she gave Noir a irritated look.

Sore, Noir shrugged.

"Uh... thanks?"

Jesha shook her head.  She pointed a paw at Ellie.

"Um... yeah, she's still here-"

Jesha barked at him.  Noir jumped.  "Her clothes, stupid.  I tore all my clothes to shreds changing this time."

"Oh.  Uh she's kind of a mess-"

"You got any better options for me?"

Noir acquiesced.  A moment or two later, he'd found enough clothes on the dead to give Jesha a semblance of a wardrobe.  The shirt of a police officer, a pair of pants and a jacket.

"Good enough."  Jesha then started to shift in form.

Unprepared, Noir tried to look away from her as she changed back into a naked human form.  He felt uncomfortable and tried to focus on ignoring the shooting pain coming from his thumb.  Jesha laughed at his reddening cheeks.

"Really?  You throw a punch at a undead monster you know is stronger than you, don't puke at the stench of them, but a naked girl just isn't worth your attention?"

"Uh..."  Noir couldn't think of anything to respond with.

"Noir, if you hadn't noticed, I don't really have any issues with being naked in public.  Comes with the shape shifting territory."

"I'm good."  Noir kept his gaze away.

Jesha just chuckled as she put on her makeshift outfit.


"I saw the last two people Ellie had talked to," Noir explained as they walked away from the restaurant.  "If we find the these two guys, I think they might've seen what Ellie missed.  They might have something to do with it."

"Riiight.  How do you plan to do that?"  Jesha asked.  "Did Ellie know them and tell you how to find them?"

"No, she didn't."

"Ok.  Well, what sort of trick do you have for finding people you don't know?"

Noir pulled out a silver ankh.  It hung on a piece of yarn.  It'd been covered in marks and symbols of all kinds, all written with a sharpie.  "I know a... I'd say ghost, but it isn't really a ghost anymore.  There is a long dead... hunter-geist that I'm on good terms with.  He or she can ferret out a direction and take us to it."

"He or she?"  Jesha cocked an eyebrow.

"Uh..." Noir scratched his head.  "I've been sure on that.  I don't think it even has a name anymore."

"That's a bit weird."

"Well... you understand a bit about ghosts and undead and all that?"  Noir asked her.

Jesha shrugged.  "I know enough to fight them, but I'm more of a combat expert than a necrologist or whatever.  I have no idea what a Geist is, versus ghosts or spirits or whatever."

"Geists are... weird."  Noir explained.  "Ghosts can change over time, like everything does.  Undead can fall apart, and the spirits that form from that decay can be different.  Ghosts are affected by entropy, so things about them change.  They fade, forgetting what they used to be before fading."

"They forget what they were?  So Geists are what, Ghost-corpses?"  Jesha asked.

"More like spirits created by the last remnants of the ghosts that spawned them.  I've never seen it, but apparently some parts of a personality doesn't go away.  They remain.  Pieces that form a sort of new spirit, but it isn't a spirit... Its more of a thing you can feel about, it isn't as objectively clear as Ghosts or other spirits."

"Very fuzzy with your terminology there, Noir."

"I'll show It, and you can see why I have problems being more precise."  Noir closed his eyes.  He drew in some of his own energy, visualizing purple fire in his mind.  He formed the summoning spell, remembering the Hunter-Geist in his memories.

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