Saturday, March 8, 2014

Leap of Faith

Under the skin you can hear the flesh moving?  The screaming hunger trying to drive you?

Why do you resist it so?

There is a darkness in the pit of all souls.  It warns to burn the sky, salt the earth and boil the sea.  The Destroyer, the Right Hand of Destruction calls out to you.

Why do you resist at all?

Its a hunger to create suffering and pain.  To inflict harm on others.  To make them suffer for your own gain.

Each human is a two-sided coin, a night side and a day.  The Night grows darker.  It wants to plunge all into its gleeful darkness.  To make the world black, damned.  To bend it into your own will.  To bind and control it like one might tame or control any beast.

Yes, demons of all sorts consort in the dark of the mind.  Ancient echoes of a dark monster that lurks, wanting to be free.  The demon of a cold logic: All for Me, None for Anyone Else.  Greed, Pride and so many other Sins aren't just other names for the same cold self-hunger?

But each Yang has its Ying.

The Sun Rises and the Night is slain once more.

Humans have darkness in them.  Why do we resist the urge of those demons?  Why do we choose to create and not just destroy?

The Sun Rises.

Our creations make us better than what we are made of.  We can uplift ourselves on the backs of all our entire history.  We can make the world better for all of us together, instead of apart.

This isn't some bullshit about the human spirit.  Fuck that.

People can make things better.  You just have to believe in Humanity.  We've gotten this far.

We can make it the rest of the way.

Its a leap of faith.