Friday, February 14, 2014

USMS Log Entry: Tesla02131915.NE.RED

USMS External Threat Profile: "The Plasm"

Found by USMS contributor and known Magi Nikola Tesla in 1915, the Plasm has only appeared once naturally, its rift only visible for a very short span of time, one second.  Tesla confirmed that the Plasm can be induced at any locale through artificial means.  Its a dangerous realm with a very explosive energy output, and its being inhabitants are considered ultra-hostile.

The Plasm itself appears to be a reality with little to no entropy.  All forms of energy from it are explosive, especially when they interact with our planet's oxygen-rich atmosphere.  The first natural Plasm rift destroyed the building it opened into, releasing at least one of its natives in the process.  Some speculation suggests that the Plasm might connect directly to a star.  Others speculate it might be connected to all stars simultaneously.


Natives of the Plasm are energy beings.  Tesla described the one he interacted with as an "Angel."  Its body form was humanoid, but with three wings at the time Tesla interacted with it.  Other USMS agents also described the same Angelic description.

Several key dangers were noted during the time it was there.  First, it did not consume any energy.  Our local entropy seemed to poison it to a degree, but it lost energy cohesion without taking any in.  Second, its molecular structure wasn't based in any form of element we recognized.  It bonded to any local element, creating permanent ionic bonds that exploded on contact.

A living, contained explosion, the Native also showed strong psychic ability.  It blinded Tesla's own psyche to a degree.  The entire local populace were also blinded.  The Native escaped, but only long enough to become permanently bonded into local architecture.  It is constantly monitored, but the native remains alive and unable to move from its position.


Tesla and others interactions with the Plasm Native were not positive.  It does not recognize any form of carbon life to be considered actual lifeforms.  This disregard means that if more Plasm Natives should appear, they could cause untold harm without intending to.  The Native is kept under surveillance.  As of yet, no one has recorded a instance of a Rift to the Plasm being opened since Tesla demonstrated it in 1916.

Cults that worship the Plasm and its Natives can be found in the EHC Database on Plasm Cults.  Comparisons to Angelology and Demonology still pending confirmation through independent studies.  The USMS currently does not substantiate any rumors or theories that tie the Plasm to Angels or the Heavens or any relating religious belief.