Friday, February 28, 2014

Portland In Black 8

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"You sure?"  Jesha put a hand on his shoulder.  "Noir, you're crying."

"Its nothing."  Noir shook her hand off him.  "Please don't-"

Noir didn't remember what else he said.  Just ringing from the explosion that knocked him to the ground.  Noir felt broken glass underneath him.

It took Noir a moment for his hearing to return.  As the ringing stopped, his ghost senses tingled as Ellie turned toward him.  He could feel the slivers of emotion washing over the ghost, the uncertainty of the situation causing him to feel her nervous curiosity.  Noir tried to resist the apathetic wash of emotions.

"What's happening?"  Ellie asked.

"Noir, stay down."  Jesha's voice sounded more like a command.  Noir could hear a guttural undertone to it.  "Trouble."

Noir looked up at the broken windows.  One of the cops was down, her face covered in blood and glass.  Another held up a gun, having survived the explosion.  Noir couldn't see any of the other cops.  He frowned.  Had he lost count of how many cops were here when they arrived?

Noir could also hear something approaching.  To him, it sounded like a pair of footsteps, albeit light ones.  It surprised him how subtle he could sense them, like at the very edges of his senes.  "Jesha... can you hear that?"

"Hear what?  Poor guy, gone deaf."  A new voice, this one sounding raspy, like it was coming out of a antique accordion.  It sounded somewhat male.

A woman giggled.  It sounded just as raspy as the first voice, with a bit of sticky cough behind it.

Noir spun to the source of the voices, just in time to watch a cop tumble to the ground with a broken arm.  The couple were pale and white, their skins looking like that hadn't seen any sunshine in quite a long while.  Both of their eyes were sunken.

The man had a potbelly, but wore a ratty tux.  The suit looked like some sort of prom rental, but only if the rental had been left out in the weather to get infested with mice and worms.  His stark black hair covered one of his eyes.  Noir couldn't see any color in his eyes.  Both of his shoes were caked with mud.  He slouched, his teeth craggy and misshapen.  He grinned in Noir's direction.

The girl with him, on the other hand, looked just shy of fifteen to Noir.  She wore a purple prom dress, matching her companion's in its rotten grotesquery.  She stood as tall as her companion, her skin just as white as his.  Her makeup was thick, painted into the likeness of skull across her face.  She had a necklace, a thick comprised of human teeth.  She had a rotten mass of maggots and worms in one arm.  It took Noir a moment to realize it was the decayed corpse of a tiny dog.

"Oh.  They don't look nice, do they?"  Ellie asked Noir.

Noir sighed.  It didn't take any use of his ghost senses to tell what these... things were.  His ghost senses had sensed their approach because of their unnatural nature.  He just wasn’t apt enough to notice how subtle their approach had been, undead or not.  "A foreign land is a land full of wolves."

"I hate it when you lie like that."  Jesha growled.  "Remember how I said to keep down?"

"Yes!  Keep down like your ladygirl says!"  The prom dress undead chattered at Noir.  "Be a good boy!"

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