Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Portland In Black 6

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"Okay.  Jesha... could you keep people away from me?"  Noir asked.

"No interruptions then?"  Jesha asked back.

"Yeah... things might get a little weird..."  Noir then began to focus his emotions.  He closed his eyes shut.

Noir let his emotions and thoughts whirl in his mind's eye.  They spun into a storm of crackling energy.  Noir focused it more, stoking the storm until it became a fire.  The burning flame of necrokinetic energy bubbled from him.

"Can you hear me?"  Noir asked Ellie's corpse.  "Do you want want to come back?"

He held onto the spell's fiery form.  Alive, the spell tried to wrestle out of his grasp.  Noir waited, his question powered with a bit of the right amount of energy to get a response from Ellie's spirit.

Once he heard the response, Noir's eyes flashed open.

The necromancer let the spell go.  Purple fire erupted from his mouth and eyes, pouring onto the ground.  It crawled toward the young woman's corpse.  It crawled into her eyes and mouth.

Her body then jerked up for a brief moment.  Then it fell back down.  The purple fire then died down, its sparks all gone once Ellie's body had touched the ground again.

"Whoa."  Jesha's eyes were wide at the sight of the Noir's magic.  Some of the cops and agents on the scene starred as well, some of them shaking their heads in disbelief.

Noir stood up.  "I'd have thought you'd seen this sort of thing before."

"Not... the spell part.  That fire you spat out-"

"Not fire.  It just looks that way.  My mentor's magic always looked like snakes when she woke the dead."  Noir explained.

"How long do we wait then?"  Jesha asked.

Noir shrugged.  "Could be a day, an hour or-"

A young woman started to scream.

"Or less than a second."  Noir finished.

He let his vision drift, until he could see the ghost floating above Ellie's body.  Noir saw a form in translucent ectoplasm.  It glowed green.  Her ghostly body wasn't any different from her living one, still drenched in the ectoplasmic equivalent of blood.  It dripped in a puddle under her.

Frightened, Noir could see Ellie for who she was.  A pair of earrings dangled from her ears.  Her face had become tear stricken.  She looked every bit the normal american teenage girl fast food worker, her job a lucky means to an end.  She didn't have a perfect body.  Her body was a bit pudgy in parts, and her ears looked a bit too small.  But Noir could see the muscles in her legs and arms, like the toned muscles of a school athlete out of her season, but able to get back there soon.

Not that was going to happen anytime soon.

“Where- who are you?”  The newborn ghost asked.  She shivered in midair, trying to warm herself.  “Why is it so cold?”

“Human bodies are quite warm when they're alive.”  Noir answered.

“Alive?”  She looked down in horror at her body on the ground beneath her.  “Oh.”

“I’m sorry-”  Noir paused, stumbling over the next words.  Ellie.  Why did she have to have the same name as his Elle?  They weren't the same.  They didn't look the same.  But the similarity still hurt enough to cause the stumble in the first place.  “I’m sorry.  My name is Noir.  I… I have a talent for dead people.”

“Are you talking to her?”  Jesha sniffed the air, her black, blue and red dreadlocks flying about as she tried to get a sense of the ghost.

Noir ignored her.

“You’re scared.  I know, its frightening to learn that you’re-”

“Deader than a doorknob?”  Ellie answered.  “Why am I- What did I do to deserve staying here?”

“Nothing.  I asked you if you wanted to come back.  You did.”  Noir replied.  “I don't know if there is an afterlife or whatever.  All I know is, you agreed to come back.  Or else I wouldn't have cast the spell at all.”

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