Sunday, February 16, 2014

Portland In Black 2

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Jesha frowned at the man joining them.

Slender as a post, the Dark Man wore a dark suit.  Gray and silver bands cut through his sideburns.  He had a trim goatee.  His skin had a bronze tone to it.  His eyes had a dark glow to them, his face wrinkled.  The Dark Man sat down beside them, taking a seat next to Noir.

The heavy-set waitress appeared, dropping a plate of waffles down for the Dark Man.  She then left, not staying around long enough to take Noir or Jesha's orders.  Jesha glared at her exit.

"Some service, huh?"  Jesha spat.

"I think so, Delores knows my order by heart you know."  The Dark Man dug into the waffles.  "Great waffles here.  Not quite the best, but one does with what one can."

"Right.  I don't like the smell of this... thing."  Jesha said to Noir, ignoring the Dark Man.

Noir sighed.  "You didn't have to come along, remember?"

Jesha let out a annoyed grunt.  She kept her mouth closed, but she didn't look pleased with it.  She wanted to see what Noir's meeting with the Dark Man was going to be like.  She didn't want to admit Noir was correct.  Not yet anyway.  Or at least, that was what Noir guessed she was thinking.

The Dark Man politely ate his waffles.  He slid a folder over to Noir as he ate.  He smirked in Jesha's direction.  "Expanding your operations?  Good.  You are going to need the help."

"Depends on whether or not your payment is worth it."  Noir responded as he picked up the folder.  It had a single photograph in it.  Noir paused when he saw it.  "Oh."

"Payment enough?"  The Dark Man asked.  He slathered syrup, ketchup and pepper onto his waffles.  That made Noir blanche a little at it.

"Yes, yes it is.  I'll do what you want.  Who is it this time?" Noir asked.

Jesha tried to look at the photograph, but Noir quickly folded it and put into his coat.  A recent picture of Elle.  That was a lot more than Noir had expected.  And it was enough for him to be able to ask contacts with.  Maybe enough to even dare some spells that were past his skill level.  Still, he didn't want Jesha to know about it.  Elle wasn't any of her business.

"Oh.  This is a advancement.  I want the next one you find."  The Dark Man continued to eat the waffles.  He seemed to take enjoyment from every single bite.  "You still think of me as the Devil, Noir?"

"Would any sort of answer get you to be more clear with me about what you want?"

The Dark Man laughed.  "Oh, its never about what I want.  Freedom can't be about pleasing others, Noir.  Its helping everyone find the answer to that question for themselves.  What is it do you want?  That is a question you have to answer for yourself.  And I've always been trying to help you with that."