Sunday, February 16, 2014

Portland In Black 1

Noir Bedarte is a necromancer with a heart of gold- and he finds himself in Portland Oregon, to find a new serial killer called the Wolf- but Portland's own insane undead have plans of their own for him...


 I don't know why I write these.  You're never going to read them.

 I've met someone.  She's different.  Strange in some of her habits.  She's attached herself to me.  I don't know why.

 Portland.  We're here.  I'm revisiting the City of Bridges again.  The Dark Man wants to talk with me.  He has another job for me I think.  I might be closer to finishing our deal.

 Is Elle still alive?  You never met her.  I want to find her again.  To be sure.  I've worked so hard at this, my patience is still running strong.

 Jesha is... still taking some getting used to.  She's been good at messing up my way of doing things.  She has a talent for... impulsive decisions.

 Your Son,

 Noir shook rain off his back as they entered the little dive diner called John's.  A heavy-set waitress glanced at Noir and his companion.  She didn't bat a eye at either of them.  Jesha's tricolor dreadlocks and tattoos didn't look that out of place here.  

 Portland didn't seem to mind this sort of thing.

 "That still isn't an answer."  Jesha replied, tossing her wet locks.  It splashed all over Noir, making the dark haired man frown.  

 "Its something I have to do.  You don't have to be here."

 "And thats bullshit.  I'm not going to let you talk to this guy alone, if you aren't going to explain why you have to meet him."

 Noir shrugged.  "Its something I have to do."

 "That isn't an answer."  

 They sat down.  Jesha didn't look any happier, glancing over the menu.  Noir didn't feel hungry.  But he never felt hunger anymore.  His powers didn't let him do that.  He never was sure why they did that.

 Noir picked up a menu.  "You really didn't have to come you know."

 Jesha gave him a harsh stare.  "You don't have a choice on that."

 "Why is that?"

 Jesha shrugged.  "You are too fragile to wander around by yourself, necromancer."

 "I did fine before I met you."  

 "Right.  You are bloody injury waiting to happen."  Jesha flipped the menu over.  She frowned.  "Why do you go to places like this?  They don't mention how organic their vegan items are."

 Noir paused.  "Why does- are you vegan?"

 Jesha cocked an eyebrow.  "You paid no attention on the ride into the city?"

 "Not my business.  Just like this isn't your business." 

 Jesha sighed.  She brushed a black, blue and red dreadlock from her face.  "I'm a vegan, ok?  I try to avoid eating meat."

 "That sounds ironic on so many levels to me."

 "Like a necromancer with a heart of gold?"  

 That comment made Noir blush.  Jesha smirked at his blushing.

 Noir coughed, trying to change the subject.  "Don't- Jesha, I- I..."

 Jesha propped her head with a hand.  "There's a reason for it.  The vegan thing, I mean.  You get to have me as a companion for awhile you know."

 "Why?"  Noir put the menu down, not sure what to make of something when he wasn't hungry.  "You- I mean, how can somebody like you not...?"

"Control I'd imagine, Noir."  The Dark Man's presence made Noir jump.  "Self control.  She doesn't want to be use to the taste of meat, lest she lose control.  Isn't that right my dear?"