Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ghostwalkers: The Good Mage Who Stayed...

Continuing Pregenerated character backgrounds for a friend's Pathfinder game.   So here is the mage, the Good mage that stayed.  Note: The character I've written is gender and name absent, to be filled in by the player who picks it up.
Previous Backgrounds: The Great Goblin Detective
He/She was born under a blood red moon, both his/her parents took it for a dire sign, until their newborn child showed a inborn ability for magic- a Old Man told them their child was destined for a greatness, although they would never see him/her again once she/he left past the mountains. Not understanding, they still let him be taken to the Magaambyan Academy in Nantambu. He/She spent most of her/his youth at the Magaambyan Academy, learning from the old masters there a fierce curiosity for magic. He'd/She'd learn over his/her years there a firm moral belief in the sanctity of magic, and how mages must better the world through their works, not harm it. He/She studied Abjuration, becoming a prodigy in the art of counterspells and understanding the underlying energies that spells utilize.

It was no surprise that the Mage would find the Mana Wastes fascinating, for both moral and magical reasons. [The Mage]'s studies in abjuration and primal magic made it place that he/she would be natural drawn to. More importantly, the Mage would come to stay in the Mana Wastes out of a strong moral conviction that wizards owed the people there, and all wizards had to do their part to fix the horrors their own magic had created.

"Academies and theories are for cowards. I want to help people."

[The Mage] found Alkenstar to be a dirty, unclean place compared to his/her jungle homeland. A chance encounter with a young Field Marshal led him to joining a young group of adventurers. After spending weeks with them in the wastes, hunting mutants and rescuing caravans, he/she became enamored of the [Disgraced Pistolero], accepting their leadership. They founded the Ghostwalkers, dedicating themselves to trying to make the Mana Wastes a better place.

The Mage's good intentions often have been a boon to the party- when they first met the [Goblin Detective], she'd/he'd advocated they listen to the Goblin rather than attack. The Mage and the Goblin forged a partnership, often blending their magics to the group's benefit.

Of late, the Mage's only concern had been the close ties one of their number shared with Devils, although he/she hadn't known it before the Ghostwalkers had uncovered it. He/she doesn't care about their dismissal from the Shieldmarshals, glad to be freed from what he/she saw as a corrupting influence to begin with. [The Mage] is concerned for their leader, however, as the Shieldmarshals had been a key part of his/her life.

[The Mage] remains focused on keeping the Ghostwalkers together, sure that it is he/her best way to help cure the Mana Wastes of its ills.  He chooses to stay, even if most others would say staying this long in a land forsaken against the Arcane Arts for so long...