Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Flash Fiction: Frostbitten Silver

"Why do I insist on being soaking wet in the middle of October?"  The girl asked herself.  She had cut back through Forest Park, hoping to get back to her apartment before it got too dark.  That plan went out the window when she'd fallen into one of the local creeks.

Dusk-skinned, the girl's black and green hair hung off her head, not entirely straight after being wet.  Both her arms were covered in tattoos of oceans, sea serpents, dolphins and more.  Her dark green dress clung to her body.  Both of her feet were barefoot, scarred from walking that way a lot.  One of her eyes was red, and the other was green.  Shorter than most other girls, her stock body didn't win her any rewards either.  Long ago she'd learned not to care about that anyway- being called ping├╝ino de la muchacha, Penguin Girl, back when she'd grew up in Argentina had been fun enough, before she'd come to Portland for school.  That and to learn about her grandmother, not that anything relevant had showed itself to her yet.

"Sometimes I miss those days.  Back before..."  She paused when she heard something move in the dark bushes around her.

A dark shadowy mass of tentacles flew down from the trees above her.  It landed in front of her, hissing.  Smoking tentacles wrapped themselves around three purple eyes.  It clicked and clacked at her.

"Oh c'mon, really?"  She sighed.

The thing paused, surprised at her lack of fear at its presence.

"Yeaaah.  I stopped being scarred of meirda like you a long time ago.  I hadn't wanted to waste magic on this, but..."  She waved a arm, muttering a quick phrase under her breath.  "I walk the oceans, no form, no body restrains me."

The water soaking her and her dress evaporated off her.  The cloud of vapor flowed out, wrapping itself around the shadowy thing.  The thing looked like it was going to try to jump at her.  But it was too late.  It froze solid, turning into a dark frozen, crystalline version of itself.  It didn't move.

Although dry now, she felt parched.  "Ugh, I can't win on this.  You stay put.  Adios!"

She walked away from the frozen monster.