Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Flash Fiction: Bloody

I found the front door to the local's house wide open.  It didn't help that the sky was overcast.  It smelled like rain, and the big mountains in the distance made this little mining town seem quaint.  Maybe it was, back before its mines had emptied out.  It wasn't very big, and I'd come to check somethings out.

"United States Multiversal Survey.  Anyone home?"

No response.

I looked in through the ranch home's open front door.  The house didn't have a fence, just open grass and trees between it and the other houses around.  There were maybe four or five of them altogether.  They looked brand new, like they'd been built in the last year or two.  I didn't like the absence of people though.

There was nobody around.  It was early afternoon on a Saturday, and their front door was open.

I stepped up to the front door.


There was a body lying there in the doorway.  Covered in so much blood I couldn't recognize it.  A corpse just oozing blood.  I bent down and felt for a pulse.  Just cold flesh.  No rot, no flies or scavengers... just cold flesh.

"I...  I guess you lived here." I looked around.  A pair of smaller bloody piles were in the room ahead of me.  "What the hell happened here?"

Children.  Damn.

I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to find someone or something, at least, anything that was alive.  Nothing.  Nada.

"I'm going to have to call the EHC in here.  Jeez.  I didn't expect anything... I mean, these things never get this out of hand."  I shook my head.  External threats don't usually act this fast after we'd had a call in.  Then again, a good number of them ended just like this one had.


I paused at the sound of the giggling.  It came from outside the house.  I followed it.  It was a highpitched sort of giggle, strong enough that I couldn't not follow it.  Something in me wanted to see what made it.  Who did it.

I looked down at my feet.  The steps I'd taken had led me into the local creek.  I blanched at the sight of it.  The banks of the creek flowed dark, with no water.  All of it was blood.  No more water, just blood.

Panicking, I reached for my cellphone- but too late, my eyes were blurry and red.  Blood blinded me as I hit the ground.  My bloody fingers couldn't find the right buttons.  I tried to talk, but a torrent of bloody vomit erupted from me.

As I slumped down to die, I heard the giggling voices again.  A lot of them.  Tiny voices.

"Bleed!  Hehehe!  Bleeeeeeed!"