Thursday, February 20, 2014

Doubt Is a Horrible Thing

Doubt is a horrible thing.

Its an outgrowth of some basic human instinct, something defensive.  But it spawns so much horror with it.  And before you know it, horrible things get made out of it.

Doubt is one of those little deaths you face in everyday life.  By little Death, I refer to a common act you engage in.  Total emotional surrender.  When you've become nothing, even for a microsecond, its a moment of death.

Life is embracing movement, action and about living.  Not living, that isn't being, its a surrender of yourself.  Sleep, love, fear, all of these are the Little Deaths you fall into in life.  

Doubt is one of the more poisonous little deaths.  It unmakes you.  That isn't good.    Doubt is a dark urge to throw away something, be it an effort, a piece of art or just plain opening up.

Its hesitance, not the introverted kind, but the kind borne out of the horrible fear that you are unworthy.  You think you and what you have to share aren't worth it.  Thats how its an awful little death.  You become nothing in service to it.  What's worse, is that the little Death unmakes what you've created.

This is the greatest harm I can fathom that Doubt fashions.  It slays those that can't defend themselves: Ideas.  Stories, dreams, art and more are unmade in this fashion.

Doubt kills them.

Resist the doubt.

Help kill it.

Don't spread it.