Saturday, January 25, 2014


After thinking on somethings, I decided to up and alter a couple things, mainly to keep up with simplicity.

Proxies: You can use a skill to create a proxy that fits its purviews.  Proxies can have ratings.  All proxies start with a resource cost of 1.  Each additional resource spent grants the proxy a rating, starting 1 for 1, but then doubling in cost past that. For a rating of 1: 2, for a rating of 2: 4, for a rating of 3: 6, for a rating of 4: 8 and so on.  The relevancy of Red, Green and Black kinds of proxies still stands.  Red and/or Black for starships, Green for people and places, Black/Red/Green for cities and things.

You also should pick a skill the rating is applied to for the proxy.  Ratings are free bonus shifts that are added to the roll should you succeed.  They also subtract from the shifts generated by attacks when you are defending with a skill.

Proxies have a stress track of their own: [_] [_].  Just 2 boxes.  They also can take on a single consequence, which the proxy can expend at anytime to gain a +2 bonus to defend or try to do something.  These Proxy consequences can go away at the start of your next turn, unless some justification prevents them from being amended, making them more longer lasting- these might cause these Proxies to become Icons of their own.

Proxy Template
PROXY NAME (Its not iconic, but still it should have a name)
Description: What is it?

Altering/Upgrading Proxies. 
Like I said in the prior post, Proxies and Icons will go away over time.  And you should let them, as time goes on, disappear or die off.  They aren't the central pivot of your civilization, and everything moves onto newer things.  That said, you might want to repurpose or upgrade an existing proxy with something new.

There are some options here.  First, you could promote a proxy to a Icon by spending Fate refresh to do so.  You need to give the Proxy an aspect.  And you need to choose a stunt for it too.

Icons: Just a cost note for Icons, I don't think they need too much altering.  They use the same cost ratios as Proxies do.  But here is addendum for Icons only: You can spend additional resources to grant Icons abilities based on the resource, as one time buys.

The Icons you begin play start with a rating of 2 in their chosen skill.

Bonus Military/Aggression Stunt:  The Icon gains a stunt related to the Military or Aggression skill.  This costs 2 Red Resources.
Bonus Hazardous Aspect: The Icon gains an aspect for the Icon that represents something hazardous and toxic about.  This costs 1 Black Resources.
Bonus Stress: The Icon gains a additional Stress box.  This costs 1 Green Resource.
Bonus Culture/Science/Art Stunt: The Icon gains a stunt tied to the Culture, Science or Art skills.  This costs 1 Blue resource.
Second Skill: The Icon gains a second skill they can apply their rating.  This costs you three resources, they must all be of the same type as the first resource spent to create the Icon.

ICON NAME (make sure its badass or go home)
Description: What is it?

And here are some examplage, if you be curious.  You can steal these for proxies in your own stuff, just focus the flavor down a bit.

Corporate distributor of genetically modified grains from the homeworld, they understand how to negotiate prices in new markets.  Their convoys transfer goods between worlds, and sometimes open up new markets for the first time.
3 Red Resources, 1 Green Resource
Trade; +2

Berserker gangs of the Emperor's chosen, the fifth horde lead the forefront of the Empire's conquest, pillaging and raiding star-by-star.
2 Red Resources, 2 Black Resources
Warfare; +2

Nestled amongst an forest of ancient and gigantic trees, this city bustles with plant life and structures more alive than dead.
2 Green Resources
Survival; +1