Monday, January 13, 2014

Ghostwalkers: The Great Goblin Detective

Hey.  This is going to be a series of posts on a group Pregenerated Player Characters I'm making for a game a friend of mine is going to run.  I am going to write up each member of the adventuring party called the Ghostwalkers, set in the Pathfinder's main setting Golarion.  If you want to be specific, they are characters who are going to be in the Mana Wastes.  

What is being posted here are rough backgrounds.  I still need to do some edits in this one, but the plan is simple.  These characters don't have names, each player gets to name the character they play.  Furthermore, I tried to some other elements, trying to keep each character's gender open to choice, the same with their alignment.  Enough about that, here is the character's background, steeped as it is in Golarion lore... 


[The Goblin]'s parents were a great disappointment to Goblinkind. You see, they were secret cultists of Erastil. [His] mother became a secret priestess to Erastil, while [his] father started to infect other Goblins of the Spelleater tribe with ideas of compassion. This altruistic infection spread throughout the tribe, frightening the Goblin leader. [The Goblin], although a tiny youngling, had been taught to read in secret, something that when it emerged, ended with [his] parents being burned, to kill the madness they'd brought with them. [The Goblin] lived on however, until years later when he stumbled into a Field Marshals camp in the Mana Wastes.

A band of young adventurers, along with their elder Elven mentor faced off some of the horrors in the Wastes. Their camaraderie caught his interest. Their respect for one another reminded [The Goblin] of his parents, so he snuck into and hid in their wagon, riding back with them back into Alkenstar itself. Now Alkenstar, that really jump-started his career. He stole hundreds of books, reading all he could on the Duchy and its people. After several near misses with various criminals and lowlifes in the city, [he] established a investigative service, taking the most desperate offers for the people of the city.

"Behold, it is I! The Great Goblin Detective!"

Over time, [he] would frequently become a target of the Field Marshals, who didn't like this mutant investigator who had snuck into their city. The same group of adventurers [he] had met before, who by this point had become the Ghostwalkers, were assigned to resolve the issue. They instead met a Goblin, who not only recognized them, but pointed out to them a more serious problem underground, preventing a agent of Geb from planting a undead plague in the water supply. Nothing could be solidly linked back to Geb, however. The Duchy survived and the group grew annoyed at the injustice of it.

[The Goblin] proved himself in that raid. [He] cracked the locks to the safe containing the plague. His alchemical knowledge combined well with [Name of The Good Mage That Stayed], the two of them devising a counter agent. The Ghostwalkers instead inducted him as a full member of the team, something that a few other Field Marshals balked at. Parliament would later see it as a serious breach.

Most recently, the group stood up for [him] at the investigative committee on the Ghostwalkers. They all chose to be disbanded rather than let them do anything to [The Goblin]. The bargain with Parliament let [The Goblin] go free in exchange for the Ghostwalkers losing all authority they used to have. They fell out of favor, losing some of the protections the Field Marshals used to afford them, including enemies [The Goblin] made amongst the more rabid mutants and criminals in Alkenstar.


Leader: The 12th Gear is our home, and even though he/she doesn't run the place, he/she offered me a room there. Even though I think he/she made the greatest sacrifice for me- he/she loved being in the Field Marshals more than anything- I think its what he/she is used to do. I wish he/she might learn to let us handle things on our own, but its hard to let go of a leader, especially one whose had as many success as [Leader] has had.

The Mage: Brilliant collaborator, but he/she still thinks too much in the box. He/she needs to learn to be more creative! But ah, his/her mastery over abjuration always helps in a pinch, even against the dead magic of the Wastes. My sneaky hands, his/her magic trickery, we are a golden one-two punch.

Mutant Slayer: Still doesn't trust me. But that's okay. I know the trick to understanding it now, he/she doesn't want to be attached to anyone any more, but he/she can't stay away from us. Great at handling other mutants, but a sucker for emotional entanglement, if ever.

The Shaman: His/Her ties to the underworld are dangerous, but this noble heritage she/he has always fascinated me. How long did his/her family harbor that devil? Long enough to taint his/her blood? I suspect he/she might want my insights if that happens, as I am experienced with being something different that shouldn't be...

The Ratfolk Brawler: Tonight we drink in... well, sparing matches, more or less. [The Ratfolk Brawler] and I spar from time to time, albeit... painfully. I suspect one day I will finally understand how to predict his/her style, since most of it changes so often...