Thursday, January 2, 2014

Find The Path: The Ghostwalkers

Brief Pathfinder notes for a group concept and pregens for a friend of mine.  A party to make character creation quick.  These are just the quick concept notes, intended to be turned into fullblown pregens at some later point.  Names and genders are omitted as much as possible, to let players fill in blanks as they see fit.

Elite Alkenstar unit whose dedicated and known for their ability to troubleshoot & investigate problems.  They've been assigned to a variety of missions for the Duchy, including a expedition into the Mwangi Expanse, a item recovery operation in Kaer Maga, and most recently, fighting and killing a demon who'd tried to take over a aristocratic house in Alkenstar.
The cost of taking out that demon had been a parliamentary investigation- they threatened their Goblin, but the group got disbanded instead of letting them imprison him.  Since then, the Ghostwalkers have been disgraced and booted out of the Shield marshals- but because they have no where else to go, they still come and stay at Twelveth Gear (their Leader's home).

Their Leader, Disgraced Pistolero Marshal: Human (Keleshite) Gunslinger(Pistolero)/Field Marshal (kicked out of the Shield Marshals for defending the Goblin mutant of the group, and because he couldn't be corrupted)
The Good Mage Who Stayed: Human (Mwangi) Abjurer(Counterspell); Primalist/Magaadayam Arcanist (fascinated by Mana Wastes and its energies, dedicated to fixing the problem)
The Goblin In Love With Humans: Spelleater Goblin Investigator (Has a deep fetish of Humanoid culture, especially dwarves & humans; brilliant thinker)
The Shaman In The Machine: Dwarf Life Shaman w/ clockwork familiar (Noble-born Dwarf loves to tinker and create clockwork; drinking friends with Ratfolk Brawkler & Good Mage)
The Slayer of Mutants: Elf (Forlorn raised by Alkenstar Humans; the Adopted Uncle/Aunt of Leader) Slayer "of Mutants";
The Rat With a Honor Debt: Ratfolk Brawler (Ratfolk who owes two other characters in the party his/her life)

Possible Mythic Ascension: The God Erastil decided to "bequeath" them the responsibility of keeping a particular artifact, and told them never to use it unless absolutely necessary.  He's real goal was to create a community out of the characters, believing that a family of any kind would be founded if they had the right motivation.