Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I didn't expect any real response to this, but the first post on the idea got enough attention I decided to write up something more based on some notes I had for it.  

Planets, Stars and other phenomena have resources your civilization can acquire and use: Red, Black, Green and Blue.  Using these resources, you can create permanent things, using the Create Advantage action to turn resources into usable things.  I'm being vague here, but I intend to try and be clearer at some point.  Or not.  Sometimes vagueness helps.  Resources are extras, something your Civilization gets when it exploits, or rather, uses a its abilities to take resources out of a planet, star or other thing.

Red Resources are volatile elements, the kind needed to create weapons and power machines.  Red resources aren't as bad for power as Green resources and it isn't as efficient as Black resources, but Red is more plentiful than either.  Red resources can be as bad as Black resources over time, causing environmental problems if overused.
Power +2, Weaponry +3, Hazardous +2, Food +0

Black Resources are radioactives and toxic elements.  Black is the best for using power, and it can be used for a variety of scientific purposes.  Your civilization can also use Black to create WMDs, often powerful enough render populations dead, sterile or worse.  Black resources are immediately bad for the environment of planets and populations they are used on, always inflicting harm on environments if strict measures aren't used to keep them in check.
Power +3, Weaponry +2, Hazardous +3, Food +0

Green Resources are renewable biomass, organics and hydrocarbons for most.  Green is the best for helping feed and grow population.  Green is harder to turn into usable power or weapons, but it makes up for that in lack of hazardous problems.  Some stunts can make Green better to use, some advanced stunts allowing it to supplant Red or Black altogether.  But compared to the others, the price required to get to those technologies can tempt some civilizations to stick or reinforce their Black or Red resources instead, gambling that they don't go bad at some future point.
Power +1, Weaponry +1, Hazardous +0, Food +3

And there is the Blue stuff.  Blue Resources are things post-scarcity, the beyond and better than all the others.  Blue resources are quicker to replenish than any of the other resources.  On top of that, Blue can do what any of the other Resources can do, but the Hazard risk is far lower.  The only problem with Blue resources is that require a great deal of infrastructure to get to- they aren't inherent in any Planet or Star.  You have to create them, and that bears a higher cost with them.
Power +3, Weaponry +3, Hazardous +0, Food +2

[insert color here] Resource is the aspect each of these have.  If your civilization possesses any unspent resources, you can invoke their aspects, often by spending the resource in the process.

Each planet, star or other cosmic phenomena has a stress track for Black, Green and/or Red resources.  These are ticked off (one at a time) whenever you perform an action to harvest them.  Planets also have condition tracks you can mark off when are extracting resources, and sometimes you can come up with the right justification to make those conditions go away:
[_]Extreme Storms [_]Ecological Poisoning [_]Unstable Tectonics [_]Nuclear Winter 

I imagine stars and other things could have their own condition tracks too.  Maybe that can be something for another day.

On another note, a new skill to add onto civilizations here: Trade.  I'd imagine Economy would be a add-on skill, more or less.  Trade covers exchange resources with other civilizations, as well as distributing them properly throughout your civ.  Trade is great for trading things, but that requires some sort of exchange- yes it can be one-sided, but you still have to give something to get something out of it.

Thats all I have time for it tonight, just a small addition to what I've been thinking of.  I'll see if I can get something more done in regards to exploration and warfare and conflicts all that thought out at some point.