Wednesday, January 1, 2014

City of Kaiju: Rika's Delivery Service 1

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Rika Reich felt sore.  Puffy too.  And she really didn't want to be working.

But here she was, driving her hover bike down Stark avenue over the Weaveway.  The demon girl hugged a small packaged to her chest.  She just left the immense, tall cube that was Ezekiel Square.

She'd spent the night before crying her eyes out.  No, it wasn't because she was sad.  Rika didn't cry when she was sad or feeling blue.  No, Rika balled her eyes out whenever she got really, really angry.

"Yabai bastard," Rika muttered to herself.

She also drank way too much for a work night.  If she had girlfriends, she would've gone out with them.  But no, all her friends were friends with Arn too.  And the last thing she wanted to do was talk with anyone about Arn.

Rika wasn't too bizarre for a Demon girl, although it had been something that always made her feel under-appreciated.  Rika a long tail, but it was naked skin and looked like a rat's tail.  Her ears were elfin, long and thin.  Her left hand had six fingers.  She considered herself lucky, however, considering the number of Demons she'd met that had extra heads, or patches of ooze that dripped from their skin.

Rika cut close to the sidewalk.  Over one side one could see the wilds of the blue dome below the Weaveway.  It was a twenty yard drop, though.  Trees grew in bizarre patches.  Above them all the sky wasn't blue or cloudy.   It wasn't a sky.  It was blue ocean water, held firmly above, locked in a massive series of forcefields and shields.

Rika didn't focus on that, instead she was trying not to cry.  Because she still was angry at Arn for what he did.  Arn had overstepped a line with her, and what was worse, he didn't bother to try to be apologetic about it.  Instead, she was the one with the problem.  Rika hated it when people insisted that they didn't need to apologize.  They always said she was the one with the problem.

And then she'd be stuck, like she was that day, trying not to cry because of how angry she was.

Then she came to one of the small intersections, where Stark Avenue crisscrossed with another part of the Weaveway.  Rika's hover bike danced back and force as she tried to get to prepared to stop.  Then Rika noticed something out of the corner of her eye.

"You have got to be kidding me."  Rika fought back the urge to throttle off and ignore the traffic light.  Instead she stopped and parked along the side of the road, letting her hover bike drop to the ground.

"You yabai moron, I'm working!"

Rika got off her bike and walked down the sidewalk to the figure who had been following her.  She clenched her hands into fists.  "I don't have the fucking time to deal with your shit today Arn!  Don't fucking follow me!"

Arn, a stocky man, but with an extra set of silvery eyes on his forehead, smiled at her approach.  It was a nervous smile.  His arms were full, carrying a pile of black and glowing neon green roses.

"Rika, are you okay?  Your makeup is-"

Before Arn could finish, Rika slapped him.  Tears streamed down her face.  She raged at him.  She wanted to ripped into his throat.  She could feel her body shifting, her biokinesis shifting her teeth, turning them into a longer fangs.  Annoyed, she shook her head, trying not to let her own body control her actions.

"Fuck off Arn!  I don't want to hear it!"

"Rika.  Please, you have to listen to me."

"Listen to what?  What excuse do you have now?"

Hoversleds whizzed by them.  Rika realized that one her arms still clutched tight to the package.  She still had a job to do.

"Rika, I just wanted to-"

"No, I've got work to do.  Talk to me later when I'm not working, Arn."  She turned away.  She resisted the urge to spin around and try to fix it all right then and there.  To apologize for what she'd said.  To let him hold her.  To let all her aches and pains drift away in his embrace.

But Rika didn't have the time.  Tears streamed down her face.  Rika's heart thudded hard in her chest, pumping so hard in her anger.  She still was angry and she couldn't just let it go.

"Rika, please listen-"

"No!  You don't get to have the last word this time, ok?  You need to be yabai impatient, ok?  Some of us can't-"

That was when there was a bright flash.  Rika turned around, watching as a fireball engulfed her hoverbike.  It exploded.  A wave of heat and thunder washed over her, then she felt something grab her.  The wave of bright explosive fire flew at her, then she was tumbling down over the side rail of the weaveway, down into the wilds of the Blue Dome below it.

Crash, thump, crack.

Rika felt herself bounce as she rolled down the curvature of the glass surrounding the weaveway.  A massive tube that exited out of the Ezekiel dome, it shimmered in the artificial lights far above it all.  Floating globes of light beamed down ultraviolet and other wavelengths, creating a sea of stars that floated about it.  Below and around the Weaveway were parks.

Well, the masses of plants and trees used to be parks.  They'd gone feral, climbing up the sides of the weaveway.  It created a round cliff face of plants, thorns and vines that scratched and clawed at Rika as she rolled through them.  She slid, bruising herself with each bump and root she hit.

Rika closed her eyes.  She tried to ignore the pain as she fell.  She kept rolling, until she felt herself hit something soft and stop.

Sore, she coughed and opened her eyes.  A chunk of a tooth came out, a bit of blood spittle going with it.  Her arms flopped as she tried to move around.  The wind knocked out her, Rika looked around her.

Something smelled like burned meat.  She blinked at the smell.

Under her, was something soft.  It had to be source of the burnt meat smell, Rika realized, because it was the burned corpse of Arn.  He died to help soften her fall.