Sunday, January 12, 2014

Can You Hear The Song? 22: Sing a Sad Song For Imptown

Imptown ain't never been a nice slice in the City of Kaiju, you know?  They don't call 'em Imps cause of anythin' special, you get me?  Imp means impotent to them with the powers.  Clayborn don't care, cause the Clayborn always hate.  We all do.

Imps are the backwash of the mutants, I mean Demons.  Angels are blessed aren't they?  We all get the great deformities and somesuch.

Imptown caters to us, the malformed things no one wants to acknowledge up on top.  But you know what?  We got things no one up top has.  Family and community.  And we got a King who helps us when we're down.

Old Moria is bigger than the rest of them know.  And one day we are going to take back this town.  We know the caves and holes they've forgotten.  And in the Dragon King's name we'll show them our strength.

Imptown is a small cloister part of the Moria Weave.  The collection of abandoned factories and warehouses serve as the home of the most mistreated of Demons.  Imps have no biokinesis of their own, or at least, their ability to use it is so minor they are trapped in their deformed bodies.

Imps fall into a variety of categories, but the two qualifiers are a lack of biokinetic or psychic powers and severe deformities that keep them from mingling with the rest of Noah society.  A few Imps have horrible deformities, oft painful conditions that limit their mobility or functionality.

Their main allegiance is to the Dragon King.  They have been long protected by the auspices of the Dragon King, who has always retaliated against any racial hate or public humiliation Imps in Noah.  This loyalty means a great deal to the Imps, but some others mock it, especially those with a cruel bent who find Imps easy prey.

The Black Swan: Covered in flaking dark black chitin, the Black Swan is known Imp Madam in Imptown.  The Black Swan has no eyes or nose, breathing through a set of gills on her neck.  Her head and body leaks tar, but still has a feminine shape to it.  This tar is very toxic to others, and she herself can suffer from it.

The Giants: Gigantic in proportion, the three giants have severe bone and fat mutations.  These make them immense and massive by comparison to others.  They can barely move on their own, their weight and mass is so much that too much exertion is devastating for them.

The Nezumi: Tiny, often rat-sized or smaller, Nezumi suffer from various kinds of epilepsy as well as being stuck in tiny sizes.  Their heads are abnormally huge in proportion to their heads.  No one is sure how many Nezumi there are- at least a hundred of the tiny Imps keep to the narrow corners and spots of Moria.

The main advantage to Imps is that they are Always Overlooked And Deformed.  Most others are afraid to look at them, which gives them a sort of invisibility in various spots in Noah.  Of course, even Clayborn feel okay abusing them, so Imps have to be careful when they try to collect information in other parts of the city.  This is perhaps the big prize they bring the Dragon King, a sort of trump card for his plans.

Plot Seeds
Imp Hunt: Another faction finds the value Imps hold to the Dragon King as spies, and they retaliate against them.  A more murderous bounty hunt might go on, meaning the PCs might be hired to join in the on the hunt.  Or perhaps the Dragon King brings them in to help protect Imps in other parts of the city.

Fact Finding: After a serious crime in committed, the PCs have to go through the Imps to get the facts to solve it.  The Imps have a price for the information they want.  They want the PCs to help them smuggle in various tech from Methuselah, cybernetics that will help a lot of them live better lives.

Nezumi Terrorist Plot: The Nezumi are far more prolific than believed.  They have become a new faction in Noah, and they plan a series of terrorist attacks to wipe out all the 'biggies.'  They keep it secret, however, and plan to use their attacks to set different factions against one another.