Monday, December 9, 2013

The United States Multiverse Survey (USMS)

"To Investigate Extraterrestrial, External and Unknown Threats."

 Established by an executive order of Theodore Roosevelt after a meeting with Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla in 1904, the USMS documents and archives all information about contact with other realities and dimensions.  The USMS is a small agency which investigates and analyzes interactions with breaches of other realities, dimensions and worlds.  The USMS is not a hidden secret of the US Government, although most other bodies of the US Gov't remain ignorant of it.  This isn't a willing ignorance, as the USMS finds itself constantly trying to keep the rest of the United States informed of threats they find.

 A bureau of the Interior department, the USMS is fact-finding organization that has no regulatory responsibility, although it has leeway with justice department and other agencies.  Constantly the USMS seeks out some form of enforcement ability.  General disbelief and other factors always seem to hinder their ability to obtain more authority, often its blocked.

 Seal: The seal of the USMS is a jar bound by chains, lit aflame.  The jar is Pandora's box, while chains and fire of Prometheus keep it closed.

Initially created by Theodore Roosevelt in April 1904 with an executive order, the USMS was cemented into a permanent body by an act of Congress later that year after 1904 Minnesota Troll Crisis.  Data found by the USMS tracked and led to the cessation of a series of brutal killings in Minnesota, confirming the USMS as a bureau.  Later accounts of actual Trolls being involved would be discounted or questioned by Congress, although President Roosevelt applauded their efforts.

 Throughout its history, the USMS has struggled to keep from being disbanded, as its claims are (almost annually) questioned by Congress.  This is despite incidents that USMS information and efforts minimized or helped to explain, especially during the bizarre occurrences during World War II.

 The Director of the USMS has always been considered an ill-fated position.  The USMS has had twenty Directors, and fifteen of them have died while working in their position.  More than half of those died because of External events, often leading to a very strict security code to protect the Director and HQ from any further contamination based in External events.

Understaffed and underfunded, the USMS maintains the following programs.  Each of these programs share personnel and all are based in the USMS headquarters in Seattle, Washington.  The USMS has three mission areas: Multiverse Tracking, Threat Assessment, and Countermeasure Development.

  • The Multiverse Index Program (The Index) focuses on indexing and cataloging all known and encountered extra-realities, parallel dimensions, worlds and realities.  The Log is a maintained database and catalog, each is tagged and numbered using a system the entire bureau uses to analyze situations it comes across.  All worlds and realities confirmed as stable are given a prefix denoting the date they were discovered, location found and first discoverer.  Hostile realities are given a color suffix, green for the least risk and red being the highest level of danger.
  • Investigation Field teams, based around the country who look into and track incidents.  They determine whether or not a given event requires further research by the USMS.
  • The USMS also operates the Multiverse Hazard Center, which coordinate teams based on events ongoing or in the past.  The nerve center of the USMS, it also connects to the offices of the USMS director and other key management.
  • Archaeological Multiversal Research Program, which investigates archaeological sites for past examples of incidents with the extra-reality and other world threats.  
  • The External Hazard Containment (EHC) unit is a specialized team that directly attempts to interact with anomalies and  ongoing sites of interest deemed too dangerous for the public.  Often they have to compete with other federal agencies depending on the scale or kind of incident for any information about the event.
  • The USMS also manages the Tesla Metaphysical Laboratory in Maine.  The Lab focuses on researching countermeasures against external threats.

 "External Threats"
The USMS uses the term 'External Threat' when describing any threat whose origin is of a multiversal, extraterrestrial or some other dimension.  Traditionally a broad definition, External pertains to anything 'not of our nature.'  Amongst some other organizations, however, this is some disagreement with the term, many thinking it either inaccurate or too vague to be of use.