Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Cult of the Wolf God

The symbology of the Wolf God is scattered throughout all the civilizations of humanity, stretching back to even the earliest pictographs found at sites.  Depicted alongside other animal cults, the wolf god is often tied in association with leadership, including stories like that of Asena, Romulus or Fenrir.  Sacred temples and shrines to the Wolf God are hidden places, secluded sites that are remote and hard to find.

The Cult survives into the modern era, a cult that spans continents.  A secret society with ties as deep as the Freemasons.  In past eras, public members sometimes were feared or tried as lycanthropes or werewolves.

The deeper truth to the Cult of the Wolf God is that they are indeed inheritors of a tradition of lycanthropy.  Shapeshifting into the form of a wolf is but a small part of their devoted worship to the Wolf God.

Philosophy of the Wolf God: The Cult of the Wolf God have no core texts.  They do not find nor have a core text that guides their philosophy.  The only texts they have created were based on the actions and words of the Wolf God itself, which the texts are conflicting about.  The Wolf God is a recurring character, who reappears era after era, each time as different person, not unlike Avatars in Hindi mythologies.

The Cult of the Wolf God claims that the Wolf God is the True King, connecting aspects of figures such as King Arthur, Romulus or Atilla the Hun.  True King in that they believe on the Wolf God is deserved of the title, whose work is focused on the true defense of humanity and the world.  The basis of this claim is as tenuous as the texts that reference it.

Modern Day:  In the modern era, members of the Wolf God Cult nowadays live in every nation.  Family traditions of worship of the Wolf God drives them to prepare, each in their own small way, for what they perceive as the return of the Wolf God to take his or her throne, at the most important hour.  A modern international network as formed between members of the Wolf God Cults, but each group or cell or cult differs from one another.

Each varies based on the core tales they uphold, stories that are carried from long ago eras and forgotten peoples.  None of these tales contradict, one another, although the Wolf God present in each differs from the others.  

Magicks: Magicks of the Wolf God Cults are purely physical.  Limited to most as just shifting into the form of canids, advanced forms of these Lupine magicks carry over to wild variations such as gigantic wolf forms, the classic "wolfman" form, or wonders like superhuman regeneration.

Some darker attitudes of the Wolf God Cultists led them to learn black magicks, using sacrifices or soul manipulations.  Not being based in any sort of shapeshifting, the other dark side of the coin for Wolf God magick seems to be necrokinetic in nature, not biokinetic.