Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mother's Night Introduction

I'm starting a new story.  Its a Holiday story, and it revisits Noir Badarte, the Necromancer with a Heart of Gold.  He first appeared back in In Black.  

In Black was a practice run, and I didn't have a outline or a real plan for it.  It was more of Halloween-ish kinda story, but uses a variety of elements I've collected in my head and I threw all of them out.  I wanted to write a story to get my brain working the right way, and In Black did that.

But Noir Badarte was more than a temporary creation.  Like a lot of the pieces in In Black (and even Black Friday or the Humility Mackenzie Interview), Noir is a deeper creation I plan to use over and over.  Noir Bedarte has become a loner, choosing to travel with his cadre of dead as his only friends.  Even among them, Noir dislikes being with them, and he feels like he's lost sight of why he is doing what he does.

I like Noir, specifically because I like the idea of a necromancer, a dead-raiser who asks for consent and hates seeing any sort of abuse of freedom he sees.  He calls himself a Necrokinetic, not a Necromancer, that is how rooted Noir is in his particular view of things.

So here is the start of a new Noir Story, Mother's Night.

As always, these are rough drafts and I'm always open to any input on improving them.  :D