Monday, December 2, 2013

Mammon Day 1

"You ever hear about altars?  Holy days?  Feasts and the like?

"Yeah.  Those predate our culture and our festivities and blasphemies.  Centuries back, way back.  Times of the year deserved honoring, and people honored the Old Powers and the Ancients with them.  When the year dies, when Summer dies and Winter is born- we call it Autumn, but them ancients didn't have a word like that.

"Let me get to my point then.  Them old ways didn't go away.  We couldn't stop the old cycles of worship and blood and feasting.  We still honor Winter Solstices with mad drinking.  We recognize Samhain, even if we've forgotten to call forth the spirits like we used to.  But there is another tradition, a fouler, more tainted thing we for some unforsaken reason have never stopped performing.

"I'm talking about Mammon Day.  You always serve it, you always blindingly give tribute to him.  You kneel at his altar.  You give Mammon such power, such honor, such respect...

"...then you pale in horror at the ravages he wages upon you?!

"Every year you bow and clamor and bend your knee to him- to call one day Thanksgiving, then to spend the next serving Mammon?  To give into want and greed and money in its black impurity?  You worship him, and serve Mammon.

"So yes, don't be surprised at a world that bows down to greed and money and want.  A world that poisons itself instead of saving itself.  A people who think that the Black Priesthood of Greed are nigh-perfect gods, should learn to be okay with being stepped on."