Saturday, December 7, 2013

Flash Fic: Vending Machine

Double Post time!  I slept too much this week, so here is a bonus bit for the blog.  Random pic of fictionalization and a vending machine.  Enjoy! :D

There's this vending machine in the breakroom.  Its old, like something out of the late nineties with rusty corners.  Each time you stick a coin into the bastard, it thunders and rumbles like its tries to expel the pox or something.

The other day I wish it had.

I put my change into it.  Press the button, and wait through the stomping clammering of the damn thing for it to spit out my soda.  Bum thump.

Stick my hand down in the slot and...

Something black and chitinous grabbed back at my hand.  And it hissed at me- seriously, it hissed.  Then the damned monstrosity torn at my knuckles as I tried to jerk away from it.

Cursing, I kept pulling and pulling, but only bloody sprayed everywhere as the tiny hideous thing crawled out of the vending machine.  It looked like a black monkey with wings, except its hide wasn't furry.  The thing was covered in chitin and had six compound eyes and fangs the blackest tone I've ever scene.

And the damn thing was chewing on my knuckles.
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