Thursday, December 12, 2013

Fimbulwinter: Enjoy the Cold

Fimbulwinter is that chill that shakes you to your bones.  Fimbulwinter is the last winter, the terrible cold that foretells the end of the world.  Its the last great expression of Winter, probably its great eschatological expression.

The Fimbulwinter foretells the doom of the gods in Norse mythology.  And we, as humans, can gaze back and remember that prior era.  When we were blind and could not foretell whether the world would die this winter, this unbidding chill or if it would survive and re-emerge back to its full strength.

We could predict it, but it never was a certainty.  And sometimes, we still wonder about that.  Could we make a unholy man-made Fimbulwinter?  A Oppenheimer created storm of cold that renders the world dead?  If we could make our own Fimbulwinter, does that mean we humans can cause the death of the Gods?

Its not certain we humans have control over the Gods, new or old.  But the power to unleash a Fimbulwinter?  Yes, we probably do.

On another note: Summer and Winter are opposites.  Each of them has a power in and of themselves, if you think about it.  If they were Gods, which is waning or waxing?  We live in the era of Summer Everlasting.  Summer is growing more and more.

After all, each year it gets hotter.

Summer means growing.  Growing and spawning and spreading.  Summer is the season of War.  Summer is the hot burning that scars part of the year.  Its a fertile miasma.  Yes, we humans can use it to live and grow and be happy.


I like the stories that remember Humans weren't the first.  I think of those stories.  Things have a time, like Summers or Winters do.  Things live and they die.

Things that survive remember that.

Beware the glory of Summer.  Fear Winter, but remember its cold embrace when Others try to take this world from us.

Thats how the stories go anyway.

I love Winter.  My favorite season.  Enjoy the cold.