Thursday, December 5, 2013

City of Bridges 7 Rules Musing

Some quick notes on rules tied to my efforts to convert Mage The Awakening into Fate Core.  This, so far, are the big changes to Fate:


Skills are modified from Fate Core as follows:
Burglary is renamed Larceny
Lore is broken up into four skills:
Occult: this covers any knowledge about the supernatural or magic in general.
Science: this covers any knowledge about science, technology or medicine.
Streetwise: this covers any knowledge about urban resourcefulness, information or general street smarts.
Academics: this covers all other kinds of knowledge, things like business, politics or anything else that doesn't fall into the other 3 knowledges.


These are a set of special skills that more like approaches than skills.  Whenever you are using a skill, you add your rating in what version of that skill you are using: Physical, Mental or Social.

When creating characters, you distribute the following ratings among your traits:
One Poor (-1), one Mediocre (+0), and one Average (+1).

All Mages start with a fourth trait, Gnosis.  It starts at a rating of Average (1+).  Gnosis comes at two times: Paradox rolls (Paradox+Gnosis) or Improvised Casting (Gnosis+relevant Arcanum).

Paradox Stress: All mages have three boxes of Paradox stress.  Mages can choose mark off this box to add a shift to any spellcasting roll.  Paradox stress cannot go away until your character causes a paradox.

This represents the part of a mage that is consciously invoking paradox and the abyss, overreaching their power to get what they want.  Each box of Paradox stress that is marked off determines your character's total Paradox rating- when rolling to check for Paradox, you roll Paradox + Gnosis to see if Paradox happens or not.

You can choose to channel Paradox into your Pattern, turning the shifts of the Paradox roll into physical or mental stress.  You can choose to take a consequence, too, to reduce the chance of Paradox.


I want to alter aspects, in some fashion, but the only big change so far I've mused on is this: Awakening Aspect.  This aspect reflects your character's path, legacy, Awakening and their Mage's higher self.  Preferably this involves your character's path, but you could throw in your Legacy or your character's style of spellcasting.  

Other changes will happen at some point, when I can think of anything productive to add.  Any suggestions?