Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 20: Nephillim Electronica

The Nephillim Heresy.  Dr. Elixabeth Zanachek, the Researcher.  She and her fellow researchers hire and act through double blind investigators, trying to gather data on Noah and all Kaiju-gem created psychics.

Beware The Observer Effect: Zanachek and her researchers are careful to try and avoid the observer effect, hiring and working through various intermediaries in order to do their work.  This catchphrase keeps them from directly acting in Noah, even though their indirect interactions do have an effect on Noah as a whole.
A Cure For The Kaiju: The Nephillim Institute believes that Demons, Angels and the Song are carriers of genetic diseases, victims of mutations that in the long term cannot be good for their overall health.  They note the majority of Demons with deformities that prevent them from having more happy lives.  They believe Angels have serious mental abnormalities, and they know next to nothing about the Song, which worries them.  And by believing they can find a cure, despite their efforts at secrecy, it gets out.  Rumors spread.  And some, despite to find a way to alleviate their suffering look for what they call the "Nephillim Heresy."
Technological Superiority: Lastly, the Nephillim Heresy benefits from technology beyond the means of most in Noah.  Unlike Noah, they come from a city that hasn't stopped improving and progressing with technology.  Their advancements border on the miraculous, often capable of duplicating what most Demons or Angels can do, albeit at the cost of potential exposure for the Nephillim Heresy.  Thus, Zanachek and her people mainly use their tech to keep hidden from the rest of Noah, confident that no one else in Noah is capable of finding out about them.

Zanachek has the look of a lithe woman, but very tall compared to most others, at least six feet tall.  Her skin is too pale to seem to still be human.  Her eyes are a eerie blue-white.  Once every five or so minutes, both eyes glow green, then switch back to normal, revealing all the underlying cybernetics that Zanachek is comprised of.  Zanachek wears her black hair short, clipped together using a variety of silver and golden clips, each placed precisely where she wants them.  The lab coat she wears is immaculate and is made from a white nanofiber that no one in Noah has seen before, self-cleaning and well beyond their means.  Around her neck is a silvery ring that glows with holograms and data.  Her clothes underneath are professional and cover almost all her skin, yet look thick and warm.  She shivers from time to time, never quite feeling warm enough.  She never wears heels, finding that and jewelry a bizarre cultural habit of Kaij, local Noahites.

Zanachek has very small, tight-knit group that comprise the core of her research team.  But that isn't the only resource they have access to, however.  They still maintain contact with Methuselah, acting as a satellite research lab for the main Nephillim Institute there.  A deeper conspiracy within the campus and faculty of the University of Noah, however, work for the Nephillim, without knowing of it, except in one or two outlier cases.  Since the studies they conduct of a form of double-blind, they do have a person or two directly from the campus who they have handle contact with all of those who act as handlers for their research operations.  This people don't know the main direction or purpose of the research, preventing the goals of the Nephillim Heresy from polluting the pool they research, or so they think.

Sometimes the information they go after or seek requires illegal means.  Or it means paying for conduct of sensitive data collection, often requiring the hiring of agents and people to gather information from thousands of citizens of Noah.  This extensive information gathering works in the opposite direction too, just not how the Nephillim Heresy expects, most often it appears in the form of conspiracy nuts who draw inspiration from only the most barest of rumors tied to the Nephillim Heresy.  They disregard it, but who know how dangerous it could grow into.

Zanachek's main operation is trying to find and determine a cure for conditions created by Kaiju-Gem exposure.  Often this means finding information on the variety of mutations caused, biological in most cases.  It also means finding test subjects who are Demons or Angels too.  She also is focused on trying to keep her operations from being uncovered by any of the other factions at large in Noah.  Although some leaks occur, Zanachek is confident in the tech her group has, that any of her memory mod tech can erase any dangerous memories.  So far she and her people believe they have deceived most of Noah, and that they've had little or no effect on the greater issues in the City.

Whether or not this is true is something for the future to see...