Sunday, December 29, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 19: History Song pt 2

Part One Can Be Found Here


So then we first got a look at the second flavor of psychics, who called themselves Angels.  Seemed stupidly apt, given that their first leader, Metatron, became convinced that they really were Angels.  Prettier than anybody, yet they still got the psychic powers that only some Demons got to have, sure, easy to think that.

Metatron rose to power quick.  He and Babylon came to clash over control over the office of the Prime Minister.  The Prime Minister used to be a corrupt tool of Babylon.  This triggered a vicious war between the Metatron, and pretty much everyone.

Metatron founded cult around himself.  It didn't help that all the old families that Babylon had spurned aligned with him.  They were attracted to the beauty, grace and the power of the Angels.  Metatron founded a pogrom against Babylon and its employees, but he never hunted down Demons or tried to commit genocide against them.  That's what Uriel advocates for- Metatron early on was convinced that Demons could be 'redeemed' and got a fair number of followers out of that.

Metatron was assassinated when the old Babylon Psi Division building blew up.  His stranglehold on Noah collapsed.  Afterward different things flew apart and into the control of others.  Twas mad times and chaos.  War in the streets, and people hid, thinkin' the end of the city on the bottom of the sea had finally come.

Babylon would fall under the complete control of Demons, mainly the Maru family.  The cult of Metatron, his Golden Crown would become the fundamentalist furor that Uriel controls now.  Some defected from Uriel, the best would be that Oracle Jezebel- she's realistic, even if her wild kaiju-hugging followers are a bit crazy.

Clayborn took back the Office of the Prime Minister.  During the chaos and the riots, the police managed to secure control of Babylon's Deuterium Reserves.  Now under the state's control, the Clayborn in charge of the Office of the Prime Minister created a sort of stalemate between the psychics and everybody else.  That fragile peace stands as long as they have deuterium, and of course, the Prime Minister still has people to wield with it.


For most Kaij things fell apart.  Some Seraphtech failed and alot of neighborhoods lost services.  They got real bad, real dirty and real dangerous to walk around in.

Most Kaij didn't think things could get worse, but then the Dragons started to sell the Lotus.  Kaiju Lotus, some genetic fabrication grown out of Kaiju gems that is addictive as meth and twice as dangerous.  Not just mind-altering, the lotus can give even Clayborn some psychic powers- albeit temporarily.

Yabai, it even turned some into Demons over night.  Stuff has Kaiju Gem laced in it.

Anyway, the Dragons were a small time criminal group that grew into a powerhouse overnight.  Their new leader, Iblis, managed to secure a lucrative empire based on the Moria weave.  Kaiju Lotus flowed.  Parliament made it illegal and Babylon claims its the result of someone stealing a corporate secret and releasing it into the wild.  Either way, powers that be have been trying to take down the Dragons and their new King.

And they fail.  Every time.

Problem is, none of these factions will work together.  And none of them have enough people to be able to completely filter out ALL of the problems in such a big ghetto like the Moria Weave.  Sure, the Office of the Prime Minister says they'll do that or such and such... but we all know its bull.  They don't have the people.

And they don't trust Babylon not to stab them in the back either.

So, the lotus flows.  The Dragon King has taken over the Moria Weave.  He believe in power through strength, so bodies get found after someone pisses him off.  But, he's honest about it, and more than a few people in Moria are convinced that his people do a better job keepin' the peace than the police ever do.


Between the Angels and the Demons fighting, and the lies and all that, you might've missed some of the bigger news.  There is some stuff going on that some of the big wigs like to pretend ain't a problem or maybe they're too stupid to notice it happening.

Heartwood collapsed a few months back.  Yeah, part of this city collapse all the time, here and there.  Floods and old structures breaking from lack maintenance and all that.

Flash this data here, though.

Something new came out of Heartwood.  Its different than Demons or Angels.  It wants peace and it promises you serenity.  Sounds like a cult, right?

Its called the Song.  Its group, all covered in this moldy looking growths.  And all of them are nonviolent.  Something happens to them, and they are peaceful.  And unlike Demons or Angels, they don't have big arrays of psychic powers.  But they have some.  Enough that each of them know each other member of the song intimately, like they were twins or something.

Creepy, especially when you learn they keep no secrets from one another.  Everything is shared.  And they're happy about it.

Scarier still?  They're spreading, from Clayborn to Clayborn.  Something new, something to test all the others I guess.

And that's all I know about this fair city of ours, fucked up warts and all.  Hope it keeps you from getting killed.