Saturday, December 28, 2013

Can You Hear the Song? 18: History Song pt 1

Hey, here is some notes on the general history of Noah.  The plan is to write it in character, with some slang invented for the sake of creating raw chunky flavor.

"Hey.  You done trying to ghost out on me?

You're the one who wanted to hear it the story of it.  I already know this yabai kaij back story, eh?  You are the one asking about it.

Ok, ok, its all osha, gotme?  Letme start fromt he top of the text, as they say:

The flood came first.  Noah had been built and completed years into it.  They used to have land and cities and empires up there.  Back before the skies were clogged and the seas rose so high.  So people headed down into the sea.  Noah was the first city, and it got its backing from all over the pacific rim.

What caused the flood?  We did.  Thats the story we always hear.  We burned the skies, our empires melted all the ice and the oceans rose higher and higher... Some of the stalwarts claim we did nothing, that humans couldn't fuck up our own planet so badly.  Others say we gotta take that for a lesser and just fucking abandon tech altogether and try to fix the yabai mess we made, you know?  I like the other camp: its in the fuckin' yabai past.  Move on already, that'd be the zuru thing to do.

Fundamentalist religious fanatics funded it, but they were glad to share the space with the workforces that joined them: Japanese technicians, Filipino laborers and countless Chinese engineers.  The Ameritrash were outnumbered, but the religious madmen ran the show for the first few decades the domes were set underwater.

Confined spaces ended up making people civil to one another.  They all shut up and worked together, melting into a sort of xenophobic colony that prided itself on its faith.  Other cities were founded in the sea too- but the old city founders never bothered a single fuck to think of how to ingratiate themselves with their neighbors.  For one thing, they harbored a crazy dislike for the super-techy Methuselah, a mistake that helped to led to our war with them centuries ago.

Yeah.  Centuries ago.  Whole bunch of yabai shit happened back then.


So first thing that happened to really kick start that shitstorm of a war with Methuselah?  Methuselah found the first Kaiju pit, not far from Noah, really.

We said we wanted it.  Methuselah offered to share it.  We made demands, they rebuffed them.  Crazy religious ancestors, remember?  Methuselah back then was all about science and had abandoned faith altogether.  Talks broke down, and Babylon, that big corporate piece we all know and love, managed to push for a pre-emptive strike.

Babylon learned how to use the Kaiju gems to create the first demons.  Well, most people died exposed to the gems at first.  But Babylon found it, the fifth of a percent of the human genome that mutate when exposed to Kaiju gems.  It becomes generational, at that point, somethin' yabai genetic that they pass along to their kids.  So Babylon got along, as every Kaij later learned, to plantin' that gene as much as they could.  They re-wrote whole families of genetic material, trying to create a horde of demons they could sell and license against Methuselah in the war.

How'd the war end?

It didn't.  Methuselah just stopped bothering with us.  Like I said earlier, they were super-techy.  They just pulled a flash on us, and decided to ignore our ranting and attempts to attack us.  Years later, everyone in Noah acts like the war ended decades ago.  We never called it off because our enemy didn't give a damn.

To be honest, we deserved to be ignored by them.  Who knows what they've come up with since then.  Methuselah had no benefit to take our city, especially after the consequences of Babylon's work.  They learned how to create Seraphtech from them, to create force fields and manipulate gravity and all that... they created the Blue Dome.  Arks were opened, and new natural reserves were created back then.

Then all the yabai kaiju gem radiations got out of the bottle.  Demons and, now mutated animals- the Kaiju as we call 'em- were everywhere in Noah.  People with the gene either mutated or were somehow immune to Kaiju radiation.  Natural selection kicked in, and the stage was set for bigger changes.  More leaps in the nature of the powers only some of the Demons could learn to master.

So came a time of Angels...