Thursday, December 26, 2013

Can You Hear the Song? 17: Office of the Prime Minister

Office of the Prime Minister.  Prime Minister [name To Be Determined] wants to fix his city, to drive out the psychics that wage war in it and keep the Demons and Angels from taking power away from him.  But perhaps his own inability to see smaller threats may be his downfall...
This Is Our City: [TBD] wants a unified city for humanity, a sort of civic drive to make the city a better place.  People follow and listen to [TBD] because they believe in the same dream he has.  'This is our city,' he says, 'and its up to us to make it a better place to live.'
War On Corruption: [TBD] is dedicated to taking out corruption it sees in the rest of Noah's crumbling government.  Its a mad quest, with blind focus, regardless of the cost.  [TBD] and his followers believe that pushing for complete, honest control of the government... even if that means civil war to make it so...
Emergency Deuterium Control: Lastly, [TBD] and the Office of the Prime Minister has control over the Deuterium Reserves, originally a project under Babylon control, the rise of the angel Metatron caused the massive series of Deuterium reserves to revert to the control of the Office of the Prime Minister, with his people controlling the main supply of the Deuterium to be found in Noah.
Tall but portly, [Prime Minister, name To Be Determined] is balding, but combs over his hair trying to hide it.  His hair and face stubble is peppered with white, red and gray.  Both of his eyes are a dark blue.  Lines frame his eyes and jaw.  A bit of flab marks his double chin.  His suit is worn.  It looks like it needs to be replaced, but clearly has been repaired enough to keep it functioning.  He is missing his left arm, which has been amputated off at the shoulder.  A cybernetic replacement has been installed- its one of the variety that is too cheap too look authentically human.  His glasses are light reading glasses, cheap and well worn, cracking in places.  [TBD] is constant to consult the cybernetic appendage that has replaced his left arm, often consulting or texting his underlings to keep a tab on his city.
[TBD] and his people rely on tax revenue, which creates a budget that the parliament finds ways to shrink every year at an alarming rate.  The Office of the Prime Minister is small, and shrinking.  But the lack of quantity is made up in quality and sheer belief in the cause.  Dedicated police officers, brilliant researchers or inspired civil servants work for [TBD], but they all are outnumbered (or think they are) by those arrayed against them.  Its a uphill battle, but they are convinced they have a duty to see it through to the end.
[TBD] is focused on keeping control over Noah.  Control over it despite a parliament filled with corrupt representatives, all paying lip service to the interest of the people while the Prime Minister knows they either work for Babylon or the Golden Crown.  Control over the wilder parts of Noah that have gone feral, like the Moria Weave or the blue dome.  Part of it is a fierce paranoia of Demons and Angels, while elements like the Song are seen as more legend and dismissed in the face of older threats like Babylon, the Dragons or the Golden Crown.