Saturday, December 21, 2013

Can You Hear the Song? 15: The Daughter of Maru

The Daughter of Maru, [To Be Determined or TBD].  CEO of the megacorp Babylon.  She controls all of Babylon's resources, including its Demon-filled Psi Division and Tech Archives.  Her family had taken control of Babylon decades ago, but even before then it had become a Demon-driven faction trying to take complete of Noah.


There's Opportunity In Mutation: [TBD] Maru believes that Demons have unlocked genetic potential, and that unlike Angels, they can tap into a variety of mutations.  This variety is a rich resource, that is waiting to be exploited.  Take advantage of what one has, especially the thing others fear.
Greed Is Good: Finders keepers.  There is power in profit, and that isn't bad.  Seeking wealth is a good thing.  Anything else that counters that is a lie.  The only way to make sure that wealth and power does what is good, the only way is to make certain you have control over it.
We Made This Town: And we can break it.  Its secrets belong to Babylon.  Noah is our experiment, and we created it.  Recognize that or pay the price.

[TBD] Maru stands out in a room, despite her petite stature.  She has an aura of confidence, made more brazen with her blue skin.  [TBD]'s mismatched eyes, one red and the other black, have an intensity to them.  Her hands end in manicured dark purple nails.  Her legs bend backwards away at her knees, become digitigrade hooves, covered in black-blue fur.  Her hooves are covered in a silvery design reflective of the logo design of Babylon itself.

[TBD] wears a dark grey business suit, with a skirt just barely above her knees.  Simple, round pieces of obsidian comprise her earrings and a pin over her left breast.  Her purple hair is wrapped into a professional bun, with a pair of red metal sticks put into it.  She looks small, but her body is wiry, and agile.  Both of her ears extend past her hair, bat-like and ribbed, its veins pulsing with her every breath.  A pair of very small horns poke just out of the edges of her forehead, tinted green compared to the rest of her blue body.  Her face is always scowling, but her mouth has no tongue, and she never speaks a word aloud.

The largest employer in Noah, Babylon has affluence over the citizenry of Noah.  A diverse group of people are loyal to the company, mainly because its their main means of eating or paying rent.  Some are specialists with skill sets that let them receive more pay or options than other employees.  These employees let Babylon act in a variety of ways, but its all contained in red tape and various levels of self-interest.  There are plenty of employees who are disaffected in Babylon too, who can be paid off.  The benefits of this system are offset by such holes, at least, to [TBD].  Her employees do as they are paid, and to her, that seems the most logical in terms of loyalty.

[TBD] wants short term profit for Babylon.  Whatever immediately helps the company make a dime or keep from losing an asset.  That is her first goal.  Other goals... well, they drift from there.  She wants to take back control of Noah, but she also is concerned about making sure Angels don't interfere with that either.  She also fears the Golden Crown, certain that Uriel and his ilk want a sort of pogrom against Demons like her.  This mixture of short-term profit, yet uncertain long-term projects ties up her interests all over the place, often keeping [TBD]'s plans inflexible, monolithic things that are hard to change.