Friday, December 13, 2013

Can You Hear the Song? 14: The Dragon King

The Dragon King.  Allyn "Al" Iblis.  Icon and the leader of the Dragons Crime Syndicate.  Having taken control of the Syndicate, Iblis believes that might makes right, and that he and his have the right interest of the people in mind- even if it is at the cost of some of them.

Might Makes Right: The core truth of the Dragon King, he shows strength to make his point.  He never backs down.  If it requires a violent response to make a point, then yes, Iblis will do it.  Threats.  Strength.  Endurance.  Actions are louder than words.

Lord of the Kaiju-Lotus: Iblis and his people control the smuggling operations in Noah.  Getting any sort of good is easy for him and his crew, and is something the other powers in Noah work to stop.  Smuggling in tons of illegal substances, from unapproved foods or Kaiju-Lotus.  He markets out the drug, the most addictive substance for Clayborn.  So many people hide their Kaiju-Lotus addiction, but Iblis knows many of those who cling to the Golden Crown or the Office of the Prime Minister are hypocrits- and are his customers.

They Made Us This Way: Iblis doesn't blame himself for what he is.  He knows that he never had a choice in the matter- he decided to at least embrace the horrible destiny Noah gave him.  He knows he is a symptom of greater problems and tries to mitigate the side effects that causes- the ends justify the means, for him, if his people come out ahead regardless of the harm caused.

Almost as wide as he is tall, Iblis is built like a tank.  His thick skin is covered in black-purple scales.  He has no hair of any kind.  With two pairs of glowing red eyes, charcoal-smelling smoke bellows from his nostrils.  His teeth look like tiny shards of glass- they always cut and slice open his gums, so black blood always drips from his mouth.  Iblis often leaves his mouth open from time to time, to try and let his super fast healing stop the bleeding.

Both of his hands end in feline claws, retractable into his three fingers.  He wears a dirty wife beater, stained with grease.  He wears a dark red blazer over it.  Pinned onto the blazer is dragon-shaped black iron pin.  His feet are covered in thick, black leather boots.  He doesn’t wear any weapons, but instead possesses a short tail that ends in a burning flame.

The Dragon King is the leader of the Dragons.  A old criminal organization, Iblis took control of it from the Demons that used to lead it.  Not just criminals, the Dragons is a honored brotherhood, bound by a centuries old code of loyalty.  Most of them feel they have no choice really, and the Dragons is the only way any of them can do something about their lives.  Even if it means a violent end.

Iblis wants to keep his organization safe, and more importantly, strong.  He does whatever he can to stop any potential competition.  He also actively fights police and the Office of the Prime Minister.  The Moria Weave is his Kingdom.  He repels all invaders on his turf.