Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 13: Uriel

Uriel, The Golden Crown.  Icon.  His cult has a stranglehold on much of the wealth and power in Noah, but more than few see him and his as a fundamentalist cult.  Some others see Uriel as a uniter, who might be able to help save the city from the demonic problems it faces.


Divine Right of Rule: Uriel (or at least the Golden Crown) firmly believes that all Angels are divine beings.  They are the chosen ones, meant to guide, and most importantly, rule Noah.  Others are meant to kneel or fade away altogether.
Touch Not That Demonic Filth: Uriel and his followers disdain all Demons, and think of them as inhuman animals, not persons.  Their racism is rigid, and if asked why, most members of the Golden Crown would reply, "they are demons.  They deserve everything that we do to them."
Old Money Of Noah: Lastly, Uriel and the Golden Crown is deeply connected to the wealthy families unaligned with Babylon, who want control of the city once again.  The few, truly wealthy, they often have financial means in Noah- for as long as 'financial means' remains a plausible thing in Noah.

Uriel is a tall, almost sickly thin man.  He has platinum blond hair, which he cuts very short.  His eyes shimmer with a radiant glow, which seems to instill the feel of electricity in those who look into them.  Uriel also has a very trim beard.  Above him floats a halo of bright white fire.  Uriel wears a fine white suit, perfectly clean.  Instead of a tie, he has a gold cross studded with diamonds pin in the vest coat of his suit.  His shiny white kaiju leather shoes never touch the ground as he floats about the floor.  Each of his hands are covered in white silk gloves, static with psychic energies.

Uriel's followers are numbered amongst the wealthy families that long ago turned against Babylon and its machinations.  The 'Old Money', more than enough Angels have married into their families.  Demonic births are... often disposed of.

There is a hierarchy to the Golden Crown. Angels are seen as proper agents, considered a sort of aristocracy to be envied.  Clayborn are seen as imperfect, but the horrible Demons, even those seeking to be redeemed, are treated like animals amongst the Golden Crown.

Frequently they work to overthrow the re-established Clayborn government and work against the auspices of Babylon.  The Golden Crown also espouses a rigid ascetic lifestyle, often practicing vows of chastity, poverty and vows of bloodletting in their devotion to their cause.  They also work to try and bring Jezebel and her angelic followers back in line, to preserve the image that so many find redeeming amongst the populace.

Locations: Cherubim Heights
Cherubim Heights is the newest sector of Noah.  Golden spires, silver towers and glittering domes.  Plazas and parks run throughout it, interspersed with zen rock gardens here and there.  Its own Seraphtech bubble is designed to produce a golden glow in the seawater above it.  Cherubim Heights is also elevated, sitting atop a cliff face over looking the rest of Noah.  Entrance into and out of Cherubim Heights is highly secured, a fortress that only connects to the Weaveway via a single point.  Otherwise, travel in and out of Cherubim Heights is done in secured heavy Floaters designed for luxury.  Although filled with palaces, Cherubim Heights also has smaller commercial districts, where some middle class Clayborn work.

Noah City Police rarely patrol in Cherubim Heights, more focused on troubles in the Blue Dome or the Moria Weave.  But response time for police Cherubim Heights is faster than most everywhere else in Noah, if only because the residents of the Heights seem to have a better way of swaying the Prime Minister.
Aspect: Silver-Lined Golden Spires