Sunday, December 8, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 12: The Ballad of Jezebel

The Oracle Jezebel.  Icon.  Some call her a ecoterrorist, others a saint and a visionary.  Some want her dead, but her cult of personality lives in the now feral places that used to be parks, zoo and walkways in Noah, the Blue Dome.

Live With Nature: Jezebel eschews the urban living of others in Noah.  She advocates embracing the growing wilds of the Blue Dome.  The angel and her followers live as Urban Primitives, trying to avoid the technology they believe is killing Noah.

Society Is Killing Us: She believes that the laws and actions of other factions are harming Noah, based in the greed modern society engages in.  Jezebel sees Babylon, the Office of the Prime Minister and even the Golden Crown as continuing a sort of bourgeoisie that Noah can't afford any longer.  Jezebel works to try and break down the artificial pillars of the society she thinks is harming the people.

We Aren't Golden Souls: And Jezebel is surrounded by a tight-knit cult of personality, attracted to her defiance to the Golden Crown.  She advocates against the Golden Crown, which drives a continuing conflict between Uriel and herself.  Uriel believes Jezebel needs to be silenced and that he is the one to do just that.

Jezebel's eyes glow with a blue psychic light.  Half her head is clean shaven, the other half of her hair is a long deathhawk, dark in color with the tips dyed blue.  Her face has tattoos on her cheeks.  They are spirals of dark green, with pictographs of animals and beasts within them.  Jezebel wears long robes, but with tighter black leather underneath.  Her robes are spun from Kaiju wool, strikingly blue from the odd color of the Kaiju they were taken from.

This angel is strikingly beautiful, like all angels are.  With a healthy body, Jezebel has the body shape of an average woman.  She walks barefooted, using a manifestation of pyrokinesis to let her every step also draw forth and grow plant life behind her every step in raw soil.  Her hands are rough gardener's hands, while her arms are uncovered except for tattoo sleeves with Celtic designs of all kinds.

Jezebel has followers from all corners of Noah.  Demons or Clayborn, they all live in nomadic wanderings throughout Noah's Blue Dome.  They work upon the wild and feral Kaiju that have taken over the Blue Dome in the last five decades.  They tend toward vegetarianism and veganism.  Her followers also have a strong sense of egalitarianism, believing that others in Noah create artificial barriers that split people and pit them against one another.

Jezebel wants to free Noah from what she sees as centuries old greed.  She lives with the beasts of the Blue Dome, and teaches others how to live without relying on others.  She and her followers also want to find ways to break down the systems they think are harming Noah- bringing down Babylon, removing technology and forcing people to live without technology.  Lastly, Jezebel claims to see visions of a time where true recovery of the surface of the planet can be saved, redeemed and cleansed.  Once purified, she tells her followers, humanity can learn to live in a clean world as they were meant to be.