Sunday, December 1, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 11: Biokinesis and Demonic Stunts

Biokinesis is the inherent ability that Demons have to shift and alter their own biomass.  Often they cannot undo or reverse their own deformities, although some learn to do so.  Biokinesis includes growing claws, accelerated healing or various powers based on organs that Demons can create within themselves.
The big restriction on Biokinesis is that a Demon cannot create new matter or mass- they can alter their own density, but cannot create or destroy their own mass, they just move around that matter in some fashion.

Skills: Deflect, Project, Resist. Demon extras & flaws.
Demon Stunts: For each rank you spend on Biokinesis, you can select an additional Demonic stunt for your character, expanding their abilities with Biokinesis.
Demonic Deformity: This is a flavorful Aspect of your character, based on their demonic nature.  You are only burden with one Demonic Deformity, but make sure it some sort of physical deformity that your character's biokinesis cannot shift away (not without a stunt, anyway!)

Demonic Stunts
Acidic Blood: Requires Demonic High Concept.  Your blood is acidic.  It eats through raw material, or flesh.  If you try to use this as weapon, it s a weapon with a rating of 1- if successful on a hit, it deals an additional 1 shift of damage.

Firebreathing: Requires Demonic High Concept and Acidic Blood.  You can use Biokinesis to breathe out flames.  These flames are green.  They are a weapon with a rating of 2- if successful, it deals an additional 2 shifts of damage.

Healing Factor: Requires Demonic High Concept.  You gain a +2 on rolls to use Biokinesis to heal your own wounds or to compensate for injury.  Successful uses of this healing factor enable you to justify healing some physical consequences much faster.

Regeneration: Requires Demonic High Concept and Healing Factor.  You can regrow limbs and most damage dealt to you seems to disappear instantly.  You still can take physical stress, but it and physical consequences you take instead happen to the environment and others around you.  You might still be alive, but the building itself might be ready to fall over and kill the homeless families living inside it.

Shape Mimicry: Requires Demonic High Concept.  You can use Biokinesis to shift your form into a copy of another.  This can suppress the demon's deformity, albeit only if the Demon pays a Fate point for it.

Telepathic Horns: Requires Demonic High Concept.  You have a pair of horns, not powerful enough on their own to be weapons, however.  They do enable you to use Biokinesis to sent or receive telepathic messages and perform other forms of telepathy, resisted by others' Will.

Prehensile Tail: Requires Demonic High Concept.  You have a tail, and it functions like a third hand.

Teleporting Tail: Requires Demonic High Concept.  You can teleport instantly into any Zone that is at least visible to you.  If you cannot see into that Zone clearly, you cannot teleport into it.  Use Biokinesis to manage anything falls in between.

Mass Phasing: Requires Demonic High Concept and Teleporting Tail.  You can alter your mass- using teleportation to store excess mass into the same dimension you teleport through.  This allows you to be able to shrink in size, and apply temporary aspects onto yourself to reflect that.

Wings: Requires Demonic High Concept.  You can grow a pair of wings that capable of letting you fly- provided there is enough room to do so.