Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nyx: Wrong Find

I love being a Black Knight.

Tracking Aiden Schumaker to this module had been an easy task.  He had chartered the small habitat at the Ring and it took me about three days to pin it down. The module was floating dead in space, probably having lost whatever tether had it attached to the Ring. It was one of a million tiny modules that were tethered to the Ring. The Ring seemed rather idiotic, since the superstructure that orbited the Earth was frequented with tourists wanting to visit the largest object constructed by the human race. There were places on the Ring that looked right down on the Earth majestically. It wasn’t hiding in plain sight.

The data trail and this module fit the guy I was hunting. Aiden wasn’t experienced as a fugitive and owed my client some 5 million in credits. So far it seemed like a easy job. Of course, the Cabal always managed to give me a job that had some twist in it. Luckily they hadn’t given me any alternate orders to follow, so I didn’t have to worry too much about them making my job any harder to mysterious reasons that I wasn’t allowed to know.

I leaped into the hull rupture of the module. I passed through the nanobot mist and into the atmosphere it was keeping from leaking into the open vacuum of space. My asmodai-class powered armor helped to glide me into the tiny module. The damned fool I'd been chasing had led me here. Apparently he had managed to get himself stranded. Bad for him, good for me.

"Probably space mad already," I muttered. My armor muted my speech. I tried to tap one foot and took a look around the tiny module. "No gravity, no lights."

I sent a command through my Brain-jack to the AI in my armor. Signs of Life?

The AI replied with a half dozen readouts and scans, fed into my vision. I focused on the infrared heat map. I could see a warm shape floating freely in the middle of the module, due to the Zero-gravity. It wasn't moving of its own accord, but it looked like a human body. I had already unconsciously pulled my gun. I decided on a softer approach before trying to grab him.

Audio on, I commanded my armor. The voice synthesizer clicked on. It modulated my voice into another synthetic voice that, according to some study somewhere, scientifically more frightening for others to listen to. Part of the package, and a part of the job.

"Surrender, Aiden Schumaker. I am here to make sure you pay the debts you owe.  Debts are to be paid- Fek! Fek! Fek!”

I flicked on the light on my gun and flooded the module with more clear visibility. I paused and stopped talking once I noticed the two things going on inside the module.

First, the person floating in the middle of the module was bleeding out and pretty rapidly too.  It was a woman and she looked pale and she was almost dead. Second, and more importantly, she wasn't who I was looking for. At. All.

Sometimes I hate being a Black Knight.

Never can it be a easy job. Its always gotta be something.