Tuesday, November 19, 2013

In Black 10

Bert stopped the car.

Noir got out without a word.  Kyle followed.

"You still aren't going to explain to me what's going on here?"  Kyle asked.  He held his Dragon Mask under one arm.

Noir ignored him.

"You can't just- damn it!"

Rain poured down buckets.  Noir pulled a bag from one of pockets.  He emptied it into his right hand as he walked.  The coins felt freezing cold in his palm.

The path in the park led downhill.  Noir didn't have to look.  He didn't need his ghost sight or spell.  He could feel the negative energies here.  He spat, and continued to follow the negative energies.

Kyle's protests stopped.  He could sense it too, but Kyle lacked the same trained focus as Noir.

"What is that?"

Noir continued to walk.  He navigated by the negative energies.  It had been a cold front, necromantic in its energies.  Spirits, weak spirits on the outside of a mini hurricane of necrokinetic energies.

"Blagh.  Disgusting."  Noir commented.

Kyle shuddered.  "Yeah.  I can feel that."

Noir pointed at a house ahead of them.  "There.  I'm going in there.  You aren't, understand?"

Kyle blinked.  "You can try to stop me-"

"No,"  Noir shook his head.  "You don't understand Kyle.  You are going to destroy that building.  I can't take control of the spirits It has decided to weave around itself.  That's a rule I can't break.  But you, you have no problem violating the will of the plants around you do you?

"Go ahead.  Destroyed that house.  Then I can finish this."

Kyle put the dragon mask on his head.  Then he raised a fist.

Nearby trees uprooted themselves.  A sea of grass, bushes and trees smashed into the fence surrounding the house.  Dead spirits screamed and hissed and cried around Noir.

Noir waited.

A single man ran out of the collapsing house.  Skeletal thin, the man tried to escape the mad storm of plant matter that systemically ripped the house down.  The man paused, locking eyes of Noir.

"We have a rule.  You ask."  Noir yelled.  He pulled out a pistol, lined up a shot.  He pulled the trigger.

The skeletal man's head imploded, brains spraying everywhere.

The storm of spirits and dead and ghosts fell apart.  It started to flow away.  Noir walked up to the body of the man.


"You would've preferred I used magic?"  Noir asked Kyle.  "No, its not done yet."

Noir threw down a coin at the man's body.  His Shade whispered to him.  Noir asked him the question.  The shade of the fallen necromancer hissed, trying to refuse.  He couldn't.  Noir couldn't blame him.

"What did you say?"  Kyle took off his mask.   The rain started to let up.  "And... I have rules too, Necromancer.  Killing humans isn't one of them."

"Bah."  Noir spat.  "You ever feel the will of the plant spirits you overpower with your magic, Draco?  Kyle?  Whatever you are called?"

"I- "  Kyle paused, considering it.  "Sometimes they are hard to motivate."

Noir shook his head.  "I was taught rules.  I was born with this curse.  I can see dead people.  I can smell ghosts.  And they respond to me.

"Necromancers ask.  We never force spirits to serve us.  We make agreements and fulfill our end, understand?"

Kyle didn't respond.

"I asked him the Question.  He said yes.  But you know what?  I'm not going to do what I asked.  I'm going to ignore him.  Let him fade away.  He broke our rules.

"That's why your sister died.  He violated her spirit, and tried to rip it out of her.  He was addicted to it, taking spirits and putting it in his flesh.  Letting others ride him, especially his victims.  I stole his ride.  He still destroyed part of Xia.  He..."

Noir shook his head.

"I'm done here.  I saw what he wanted me to see."  Noir walked away.


Homer stood up, and stretched.  The old blind man fingered his cane.

"Hmm."  The dark man broke the silence first.

"Hmm yourself."  Homer snapped.  "Do you even know anything that can help that necromancer of yours?  Or is this whole thing about an Elle a lie?"

The dark man shrugged.  "There are problems that need to be handled."

"Like Draco?"

"I prefer to think of that as a lesson for the both of them."

"Ugh."  Homer shook his head.  "I told you beforehand, this only will make it worse."

"I'm trying to help, Homer."

"No, you don't understand.  This is only going to make things worse for you in the end.  Your side fails and fades into the night in the end."

"And if I can take some of the other angels with me, well then, its a success."

Homer just shook his head.