Friday, November 22, 2013

Flash Fic: Grey

Soaking wet, the dead body tilted its head up.  Orange streetlamps cast the walking corpse in a silhouette, highlighting the still unrotten parts of its face.  It growled, and almost looked like the man it used to be.

Grey blinked at it.

She didn't expect to see something like that so soon.  Yes it was midnight.  Yes it was a full moon.  And yes, the head of the local Gates Group had threatened her.

Crazy conspiracy to use corpses to secretly control the government behind closed doors?  And so easily spotted anyone with a lick of magical talent stay cleared of them?  Yeah, that Gates Group.  Bullies, and Grey still didn't fear them.  She had the Lupus Dei, the Wolf God on her side.  Fuck all the opposition.

"Really?"  Grey asked the walking corpse.

"Grrr... yrrr..."

"Yeah, yeah.  I figured as much."  Grey shook her head and took up her axe another time.  "In Lupus Dei I serve.  And geez, one of these days I want to keep the outfit I liked."

Her skin shifted, growing grey fur.  Her eyes blazoned white.  Fangs and a snout grew from her mouth.  Muscles rearranged themselves, clicking and snapping.  Claws elongated from the her hands, turning them into long, sharp weapons. Her clothes ripped.  Her jeans shredded.  Her white and red hood was torn into shreds.

The rain made her new grey pelt stick to her body.  The Wolf-woman snarled, and charged the walking corpse with her axe in hand.
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