Thursday, November 14, 2013

City of Bridges 5

"Psychogeography is a practice originally developed by the Situationist International as part of their efforts to forcibly dismantle the established social order. Psychogeography is the study of how physical spaces impact social, cultural, and personal lives. Its central technique is what is called the derivé, or drift, in which one wanders through an urban area according to some idiosyncratic logic that causes one to cut against the usual lines and paths traced."
-Tardis Eruditorium

Horrors in Portland
Portland has, perhaps, the highest amount of cases of depression and suicides amongst cities throughout the continental US.  And because things happen this way, a lot of ghosts and spirits tied to that.

There is a figure often seen near the bridges in the city, or near Forest Park.  A very tall, slim man- but his fingers are razor blades and his clothing is as stained with blood and tears.  He wears a fedora, and often has the echoes of crying in his footsteps.  He always is seen before the body of suicide is found.  People call him Suicide Slim, but no one has ever met the man.

Forest Park is its own sort of odd thing too.

This large park dominates Portland's landscape.  For years bodies have been found there, often looking like they've been torn to pieces by wolves or dogs- and just as many have disappeared into it, never to be found.  But sometimes when you are out there, you can hear howling things moving around.

In another Neighborhood, Goose Hollow, sometimes this howling is matched by other strange appearances.  Some claim to have seen large beasts near local watering holes like the Flip of the Coin pub or the Bitter End dive bar.  A few months ago five or six big cats were seen inside the Flip of the Coin, although the owner claims that that never happened.  There is a influx of mad people in Goose Hollow as well- people who'll make you swear a promise and you'll find yourself stuck, unable to break it.

Of course, there is also the story of a beautiful woman in a scarlet dress.  She finds you when you are at your lowest, most desperate and she makes you a deal.  She wears gold jewelry, and she makes you agree to the deal three times.  And then you wake up from the dream, but it comes true.  Dreams like that are common near the Bridges, which some say if you walk the wrong way, will take you places you never wanted to go.