Friday, November 8, 2013

City of Bridges 2


The Whites
One of Portland's hidden families, the most visible member of the family, Victoria White currently is a member of the Portland City Club.  Her brother Virgil White owns real estate throughout Western parts of Portland, Gresham and throughout the Willamette Valley.

The Whites come originally from New York and England, the family having ties going back to New York politics in the 1860s.  Various members of the extended Oregon White family work in all fields, but most who know of them tend to think of Virgil, whose distinct white suit and towering height make him memorable- although his aloofness and preference for the outdoors keep him from venturing in Portland.  His father, John White, once was Chief of the Portland Police and almost became Mayor, but was found dead in Forest Park back in 1984.

In 1899, one of the three White sisters was found dead as well- She'd been a suffragette, and the family moved back to England because of the tragedy.

In 1942, George White's plane was shot down over Germany- he survived in a POW camp, until his captors claimed he'd been responsible for the brutal murder of a dozen fellow POWs.  He was hanged, leaving a Son who'd move back to the United States and to Portland.

More to come! :D