Monday, November 11, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 7: Noah Locations

Like I promised, here are key locations and neighborhoods in Noah.  More to come, but each of these areas has its own aspect, something key to Fate Core.  This is still a rough draft, but this should be the same basic ideas at the end when I'm done with the Kaiju-Song.  

Behemoth Dome (Daughters of Maru):
One of the oldest sites in Noah, the massive Behemoth Dome defines a big part of the skyline in Noah.  It has a direct connection to both the Moria Weave and the Docks, often using both for its various projects.  The Behemoth Dome houses R&D, Corporate Housing and Headquarters for Babylon, including the now ruined Psi Division building.  The Behemoth Dome is a technological blur, irradiated with Kaiju-Gems and so entrenched in Demon control most working there forgot what it means to have a recognizable body or a single individual appearance.  Its become a technological hell, and its own employees the lab rats that run it.
Aspect: Crux of Babylon's Power

The "Blue" Dome (The Oracle Jezebel):
The Blue Dome is the entire undeveloped portions of Noah- seabed left exposed to open air after Seraphtech created the colossal air bubble that now surrounds the city's structures.  This air bubble has grown wild over the years, as escaped Kaiju of a dozen or so kinds have created their own feral ecology in the gaps between city neighborhoods and parts of the Weaveway.  Its a wild place, and often the Kaiju are strange and unpredictable.
Aspect: Kaiju Infested Parks in the Open Air

Ezekiel Square (Office of the Prime Minister):
The oldest place in all of Noah, Ezekiel Square is named after the City's founder- a fundamentalist zealot who led people to a refuge under the sea.  A blocky structure, it houses the city's police and other civic services.  Its the center of the power for the Prime Minister and it sits in the center of most of Noah.  Nowadays it feels more like a military outpost, fighting fronts in the Moria Weave, Blue Dome and Heartwood.  And most of the employees live here too, its become a sort of broken homeland for those who think of themselves as the last possible saviors of their city.
Aspect: Last Hope For This City

Heartwood (The Song):
Heartwood used to be one of the major residential areas for Noah's struggling middle-class, back in the day.  About a third of it is flooded now, due to a Seraphtech failure.  The Song first emerged out of Heartwood, and most of the neighborhood has become part of the Song.  Heartwood is connected to Ezekiel Square and the Moria Weave via the Weaveway.  The Song's rise has completely left the neighborhood, with the Blue Dome helping to contain it- for now.
Aspect: Ruined Residential District

The Moria Weave (The Dragons):
Its a nasty piece of work, but its been the longest lasting of all the gravity manipulated Weaves.  The biggest industry base of Noah is located in Moria's Escher-sque terrain.  Levels upon levels, wrapping in almost insane ways throughout caverns underneath the rest of Noah.  Cheap housing, crowded living quarters and jobs that are becoming more and more scarce, make Moria dank and desperate.  Its a rusting cave full of people that do whatever they can to survive, and sometimes that means working for the Dragons and doing dirty work.
Aspect: Underground Overcrowded Slums

Cherubim Heights (The Golden Crown):
Secure and locked away, the remaining wealthy families of Noah live in Cherubim Heights- often those who allied themselves with the Angels back when Metatron took control.  The Golden Crown has kept telepathic control over them, using their Cult to make Cherubim Heights their own personal heaven.  Clean, well kept and pretty to the eye, Cherubim Heights hides the fundamentalist, religious zeal of the Angels that control it.
Aspect: Silver-Lined Towers

University of Noah (The Nephillim Heresy):
Located between Cherubim Heights and Ezekiel Square, the University of Noah is mostly empty nowadays.  Lack of funding pushed the University to keep only a minimal staff, except for those paid by either Babylon or some other source.  Even then, student numbers keep dwindling, year after year.  The Nephillim Institute keeps a satellite campus here, often trying to recruit or improve the university's prospects, but never able to completely beat back the academic decay that plagues it.
Aspect: Ancient Place of Learning

The Docks:
Industrial airlocks and submarine docks, all accessible and allowing major traffic in and out of Noah.  The Weaveway connects it to the Behemoth Dome and the factories in the Moria Weave.
Aspect: Only Way Out of Here

The Weaveway:
The Weaveway used to be the primary means of travel or transportation for Noah prior to Seraphtech.  It is a series of complex tubes and tunnels that enable quick, fast travel- usually on maglev platforms, but some are corridors or tunnels intended for pedestrian or vehicle travel.  Some parts of the Weaveway now are collapsed or have gone forgotten.  Homeless and some of the worst off live in these forgotten corners, sometimes cut off from the rest of Noah, sometimes for years.
Aspect: Old Forgotten Tunnels

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