Thursday, November 7, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 6: Sing In Harmony

An upthrust hand.  A kind word follows that.  Smiling, contented faces.  Not a true sound, but harmonious nonetheless.  Each member of the Song moved, walked and acted in perfect, euphoric harmony.

Green-blue slime covered the tops of their skulls.  Cords of glowing flesh dangled from the slime, lighting up the Weave's darker shadows.  Smiles shared between woman and child.  A old man helped to pass out warm bread.  The Song paused to eat.

Uninitiated Clayborn watched and stared from a distance.  The Song finished its meal, stood up and each of them bowed to the vendor who sold them their meal.  The crowd of unjoined Clayborn waited for it.  For what the Song always paid with, the harmony that so many waited for.

They sung for their meal.  Perfectly, the words so pure as to sound like no word of any human language.  Harmony, euphoric unison.  Each voice perfectly pitched.  The sound of a hundred voices, singing in tune with those they knew better than themselves.

The Song is the most recent result of human exposure to Kaiju-Gems.  Theirs is a groupmind, joined together in a psychic bond that allows them all to understand each other's personalities deeply.  Calling it a hivemind would be untrue- the Song permeates all of them, but it doesn't take away their individuality and it doesn't control their behavior- or so each member of the Song claims.

The green-blue slime that covers their brains cause them to be in-tune with each thought and emotions of their fellows.  They know each memory, each secret, each fear, everything is shared.  No member of the Song has no secrets from another member.  And in this perfect honesty, they all share a content euphoria.

Angels and Demons who read the mind of the Song find it frightening.  They can't ever join it.  Its only something Clayborn can join.  And that Euphoria felt in it is something Angels and Demons cannot ever understand.

The Song first appeared after an accident let to an flood in a populous Clayborn neighborhood, a trio of survivors walked away uninjured yet connected.  And since then it has spread from person to person, a sort of voluntary psychic virus connecting more and more Clayborn into its harmonic embrace.

The faction that is the Song is the Song itself.  The Song is group promise of true peace for humanity, and an escape from the constant warfare and intrigue of the Demons and Angels.  The Song seeks to spread itself, the fungal growth that marks its members used to create initiates, each new member adding another rung that helps raise the Song into a new state for humanity.

Faction Aspect: Humanity's Destiny.