Monday, November 4, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 5: The Clayborn Corrido

Officers, troopers and deuterium-armed shockers gathered below the catwalk.  Prime Minister Matthew Ezekiel grasped the rail.  A camera floated near-by, hoving on a robotic probe.  Lights and cameras adjusted themselves.  

No press was allowed in this room, where the Prime Minister of Noah prepared to send his police and officers down into the Weaves.  Time to remind this city who truly was in charge.

"Tonight we raid a den of Demonic scum.  They think themselves superior, that they represent some sort of higher lifeform.  You might be afraid or you might think this is going to be hard.  

"You've forgotten: they've the mutants.  We have outnumbered them six to one.  We have the firepower to take back our city!  You are best!  Our brightest!  What freak is going to break through our line of Deuterium-armed Shockers?  Who?!  Now who wants to slay some Dragons?"

Fists raised in agreement, the Dragon-Slayers Unit stormed out, to pick a fight in Moria.

Clayborn is Noah slang for regular humans- Angels and Demons use it both with disdain and in regular conversation.  After all, the Clayborn have no innate psychic powers.  Every year in Noah, their population dwindles, and Demons and Angels grow in numbers.

The Clayborn still have control over a portion of the city's services.  Most immigrants from other cities- Tethys, San Fran, Methuselah- are Clayborn too.  Angels and Demons tend to forget that Noah is home to their highest populations, but they are new arrivals.  Clayborn still outnumber them in Noah, even with the higher numbers of Angels and Demons there.

Clayborn have two factions of their own, one in the open and the other hides to observe and study.

The Office of the Prime Minister works constantly to keep the city under its control, keeping city services running despite an ever shrinking budget and the city growing more and more wild with each year.  Deuterium armed weapons remains their best tool, allowing the Prime Minister to arm troops and agents with some forms of proofing against Demons and Angels.  To that end, one of the biggest secrets in Noah is where the Prime Minister keeps the Deuterium Reserves.  And many are convinced that its been dwindling, bit by bit.

One of the early discoveries made by Babylon (long after it had been taken over by Demons) was that direct contact with Deuterium interfered with Psychic powers.  Deuterium, or heavy water, doesn't cancel or completely counter psychic energies- although full emersion in a tank of heavy water can do that- but it does reduce the effectiveness of most Demon and Angel powers.  No one has had success with using it on the Song yet, but it can work on most psychic Kaiju encountered in the Blue Dome too.

The other section is the Remote Kaiju Investigation Lab, managed by Dr. Elixabeth Zanachek.  Supported by former opponent and military rival of Noah, the City of Methuselah, Zanachek and her teams work to study and try to understand more about the Kaiju Gems and their effects on the denizens of Noah.  They often need to hire less reputable help, from time to time, but have developed a tech that helps them to hide from scrutiny.  Their Cloaking Nets keep them from being sensed or seen on any part of the light spectrum, including infrared and ultraviolet.  They still haven't found enough data yet, but Zanachek hopes one day to create a cure for the various psychics of Noah, which everyone outside of Noah call Kaiju.