Sunday, November 3, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 4: Remix for the Kaiju

Kaiju are the other thing that plagues Noah.  Centuries of use of Seraphtech has created ecosystems of mutated, monstrous plants and animals that populate the most hazardous and inhabitable regions of Noah.  And Kaiju sometimes are just a frequent part of everyday life in Noah too.

Kaiju vary from species to species, although some species have diverged and create varieties of strange creatures.  The variety has become a norm, but even then, opinions vary on whether it is a good thing or not.  Some are ecoterrorists- they recognize the harm seraphtech has caused, and believe Noah is obligated to try and fix it.  Others take the disbelieving view, often not willing to believe that most Kaiju are the result of any Seraphtech use at all.

Screamers: Crabs that have grown monstrous in size, yet possess blood coveted for its use as a painkiller.  Unfortunately, Screamers have a habit of screaming loud enough to shatter eardrums.  They aren't that common, but some who've traveled through the underwater sections of Noah claim they've seen Screamers working together, somewhat like ant colonies in places.

Sith: These felines have glowing blue eyes and are incredible mind-readers, using psi to augment their hunting skills.  Their predatory adaptions vary, although some are the size of bobcats and have been known to hunt lone people in some of the wild regions.

Ghosthounds: Canines that are large, green scaled with translucent teeth. Ghosthounds are capable of running through walls.  And no one has been able to domesticate them yet, although attempts have been made.  Howls deep within the Moria Weave are often a bad sign.


Seraphtech is inertia and gravity manipulation technology based on Kaiju-Gems.  The most practical use of such devices is to create actual force fields or to recreate telekinetics displayed by Angels or Demons.  This technology requires massive, building-sized devices to work.

Seraphtech's development enabled the creation of the various Weaves.  Weaves are called that because sections of force fields and gravity fields allow buildings to be weaved and arranged escher-style, in impossible directions and shapes.  The depths of the ocean are kept at bay, although there are sections throughout Noah that are flooded with water that has leaked through the fields.

Outside of Noah's ancient complex, Seraphtech has opened acreage that Noah has turned into parks, slums and ghettos.  These areas, the Blue Dome, is always under constant threat of deluge from Seraphtech failures- and radiation exposure from the Kaiju-Gems that Seraphtech uses for its miraculous effects.

Babylon creates Seraphtech for the Blue Dome pro bono, but it denies that Seraphtech leaks any radiation at all.