Thursday, November 21, 2013

Can You Hear The Song? 10: Issues

So, time to cover the big issues going on in Noah: the Kaiju-Song.  First up is the Legacy Issues, past issues that the setting has moved past, but still remembers.  Second is the Current Issue, the current problems plaguing the City.  Last is the Impending Issue, things coming around the corner.

There are five issues at play in Noah, influencing the past and current attitudes of the Icons and their followers:

Legacy Issues
Not long ago, the City survived "Metatron's Reign of Terror."  The Angel Metatron took control of Noah, his cult dominating and terrorizing the City whilst hunting down Demons.

Before that, "Babylon Owned This City."  The Babylon Megacorp ruled Noah, its tendrils had corrupted every level of the Noahite government.  Its tainted control had been broken by Metatron when he and his cult first emerged.

Current Issues
The City has become a war zone for the "Cold War Between Demons and Angels."  Their factions use proxies throughout Noah to fight one another for control or to change Noah to match their ideals.

The other issue has to do with the crumbling city's infrastructure- "This Old City is Falling Apart."  Noah is centuries old.  Most of the city's original buildings are still being used by most of the city's populace, and most of these are ancient, failing and cramped.

Impending Issue
The Song becomes a pandemic, spreading fast between Clayborn- but Angels and Demons are immune to it, and have to deal with the "Song IS Ascendant."  For the moment, the Song is small and located mostly in Heartwood.  But it is growing, everyday.