Wednesday, October 30, 2013

In Black 4

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Kyle Shenlong's skin glittered as it hardened.  Fists clinched.  His teeth clattered and shifted in his mouth.  Muscles under his skin rippled, rearranging themselves.

Noir blinked.  He could sense... power?  Magic?  The necromancer didn't recognize the flavor of the magic, but it was magic.  Too vibrant to compare to his own.  It felt like tasting a new food for the first time, unfamiliar yet discovery.

"Who are-"

Kyle sighed.  His teeth now were fanged, his canines visibly sharp.  "Don't fucking talk, I can smell death on you.  What do you want with my sister?"

"She agreed to help me, and I provided a service-"

"What service?"  Kyle's eyes glowed white for a brief moment.

Noir blinked again.  He still felt faint, but the idea of using any magick to alter one's own self was a curiousity.  Noir's own magic was purely external, turning corpses into living flesh, most of the time.

"She's dead, amigo.  I fixed that, in return, she helps me find her killer."

Kyle cocked his head at that.  "A necromancer that hunts murderers?"

"Serial killers.  I collect serial killers, actually."  Noir straightened.  "This will be the fifteenth one I've apprehended."


"None of your business, isn't it?"

"Kyle- please- I still don't know what to think-"  Xia sat down on a armchair.  She tried to look shaken, but Noir could feel her emotions failing to carry through.  The newborn dead had trouble expressing their emotions properly at first.  They were dead, after all, and had to learn how to control flesh that was slowly rotting away.

"I don't feel the need to explain that to you.  Obviously, we are both in the know-"

"Are we?"  Kyle asked.  The fanged newcomer started to examine Noir, making the necromancer feel nervous.  "Perhaps you've managed to bite off more than you can choose this time, eh?"

"Riiight.  You got some mojo, that's nice.  I'm here to help, not hinder.  Your sister doesn't remember who killed her, exactly, and I'm the only one who can help her to remember, ok?"  Noir stood up.  "But first, I really think I need to eat something.  I can't really tell, but I think my fainting is all tied to low blood sugar.  So, food?"

Kyle tossed an apple at Noir.  The necromancer grabbed at it, fumbling it and dropping it.  Noir cursed and bent down and picked it up.

Then Kyle shouted something, and Xia threw Noir to the ground.


Glass rained down as the window shattered into pieces above them.  Something hit the ground, hissed and the room started to smoke.  Noir looked at the object that hit the ground.  It was a brick-shape, but black shadows smoked from it in bellowing black shadows.  The shadow smoke filled the home.

Then he heard the inhuman shrieks.  And a pair of glowing iridescent, predatory eyes in the dark smoke.

"A foreign land is a land full of wolves,"  Noir cursed.