Monday, October 21, 2013

In Black 2

Back to the Start...
The first thing Noir's felt when he woke up was his nose.  It stung so hard he had trouble opening his eyes.  He put a hand to his face and felt blood come from his nose.

Noir had been left on a couch.  He blinked his eyes open, trying to adjust to the light of the room.  Rain pelted the window behind him.

"A foreign land is a land full of wolves."  Noir groaned at the sound of his mother's voice, echoing in his mind.
"Aye madre, aye madre."  That old man had tried to warn him, hadn't he?  Noir only had misunderstood it, missing the point.  He should've realized the warning wasn't about raising the girl from the dead.  No, no, the old man warned Noir about the what would happen when she rose back from being dead.

After he'd finished the ritual, Noir had nearly fallen over from exhaustion, his blood sugar feeling low from it.  The girl then sucker-punched Noir before he could ask her any more questions.  Yes, he had asked her the first, most important question: "Can you hear me?"

"I should've had Bert with me." Noir rubbed his head.  Why was he talking out loud-


Noir recognized the cocking of a gun.  "Oh come on."

The newest undead creation of Noir's pointed a handgun point blank at him.  Noir didn't recognize the gun, more or less having no clue about the difference of one or another.  The girl's black hair hung in a ponytail and her eyes were fierce and locked on him with anger.

"Concealed carry, eh?"  Noir asked, trying to gingerly rise from the couch.

She shouted something at Noir.  He guessed it for a some sort of expletive.  It sounded somewhat Asian or something akin to that.  Noir had no reference for it.  He toyed with responding with what little Basque he remembered from his youth, but drove the absurd thought from his head.

"Uh..." Noir raised one arm into the air.  His other hand he kept clamped on his bleeding nose.  He hoped to contain that much.  Blood loss seemed like a bad idea at the moment.  "English?  Espanol?"

"What did you do to me in the Park?  Why did you attack me?"

Great, Noir thought, she doesn't remember who attacked her.  Lets make this more difficult.

"Hey.  Hold on, hold on."  Noir sat up.  She shook her head.

Exacerbated, Noir waved his up-stretched hand.  "Please?"

No response.  "Great, OK.  Fine, here is a question to answer your questions, ok?  Why did you take me back to your house?"

She stared at him.  The gun in her hand started to shake.

"Yeah.  See what I mean?  That was my voice you heard.  And no, I didn't attack you."

She dropped the gun.  Her face tried and struggled to express confusion and emotion.  Noir tapped his hand onto his leg, mimicking the rhythm of his heart.

"You hear that?  That's the rhythm of my heart.  What is yours?"

She put a hand to her neck.  She muttered something else in that language Noir still couldn't place.  "My... heart..."

"Yeah, you got no heartbeat.  Your body thinks its still alive.  Its trick.  My heartbeat, my energy keeping you still going.  You were dead, and I brought you back.  I asked, and you said yes.  So I brought..."

Noir's head swam again, making him feel numb.  Noir tried to fight off the blackness, but he hadn't eaten in over a day.  Noir kicked himself for that.  His magic drained his appetite.

Noir blacked out again, cursing himself.
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